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Fashion historian Milana Abieva talks about how to elegantly fit a shopper into an autumn wardrobe especially for the online magazine «Shipyards».

With the onset of cold weather, perhaps, one of the most favorite handbags of all fashionistas, they become a shopper. It is not at all surprising, because it is in the shopper that you can fit not only a wallet and a cosmetic bag, but also sportswear, a book or a scarf with gloves. And most importantly — your hands will be free, and the image will not be overloaded with unnecessary details.

Another advantage of the shopper is that it is extremely comfortable to wear in combination with bulky clothing. Whether it’s a down jacket or a coat, the shopper will fit perfectly into the image and will not create volume disproportions. Here are some stunningly stylish shopper bag looks that you can use to inspire ideas for your fall wardrobe.

Despite the fact that autumn this year has not been long in coming, we still have enough time before the winter cold and slush, which means now is the time to stretch the summer mood and opt for light shades. White trousers or jeans have been an indispensable element of a stylish wardrobe for more than a season.

Ten ideas on how to wear a shopper

Complementing such a base with a soft cashmere sweater and a light-colored shopper, you will get a cozy, stylish and comfortable casual autumn look.

Ten ideas on how to wear a shopper

If you like more extravagant and bright solutions, then opt for a shopper of frankly exaggerated sizes. Style this shopper with a leather trench coat or a vinyl raincoat and you will definitely not go unnoticed.

The shopper is the perfect solution for basic everyday looks. Complementing the combination of jeans and a classic jacket with a laconic leather shopper, you will get a very «intelligent» bow.

To make this option less classic, you can use an oversized jacket or use unusual textures and cuts. With this, you can go to work, and on a date, and for a walk.

Ten ideas on how to wear a shopper

The same minimalist shopper, made of leather or suede in deep dark shades, will go well with a basic bathrobe coat. Complementing this look with brogues, you will get an ideal and comfortable set designed for office everyday life. Complement this getup with white athletic shoes for a stylish yet stylish look.

Ten ideas on how to wear a shopper

Get inspired by past summer days! Replace linen trousers with camel-colored woolen culottes, complement them with trendy olive-colored Cossack boots — and now, you have every reason to uncover your summer textile shopper and give it a second life. Do not forget that Jane Birkin, who wore a wicker basket even at ski resorts, has earned the status of a real style icon.

Ten ideas on how to wear a shopper

If there are win-win combinations in fashion, then one of them is determined by the tandem of a leather jacket and a flowing dress or skirt. And you know what? This outfit will just perfectly coexist with a shopper bag. If you are afraid to make a mistake, then choose a shopper similar in style and color to a leather jacket, and then you will have many options for creating new stylistic combinations.

Ten ideas on how to wear a shopper

Of course, we should not forget about the relevance of the founder of the modern shopper — the simplest rectangular bag made of textiles. Such an authentic shopper is still in trend.

It will perfectly complement the basic combination of an oversized sweater and skinny jeans or palazzo trousers and an oversized turtleneck.

And, of course, I cannot leave unnoticed the fact that today many designers offer men to complement their images with shoppers. Moreover, often, these models are very similar to women’s or completely identical to them. This trend is rapidly gaining popularity among men, because the convenience and functionality of shoppers is undeniable.

Ten ideas on how to wear a shopper

A laconic shopper made of dense textiles or suede will perfectly complement even the most strict business look. An elegant men’s suit, stylized with the thinnest turtleneck and a trench coat thrown over the top, will acquire a special charm if it is supplemented with a properly selected shopper.

Ten ideas on how to wear a shopper

Rough military-style boots, a cropped double-breasted coat and dark jeans will also sparkle with completely different colors if they are complemented with a shopper bag. For such an image, it is better to choose a bag made of dense canvas. By the way, such variants of shoppers will serve you faithfully all year round, regardless of the season.

Ten ideas on how to wear a shopper

To create a sports bow, the shopper is also the best fit. What could be more stylish and comfortable than a combination of white sneakers, a sweatshirt and a shopper?

Ten ideas on how to wear a shopper

As you can see, the shopper can easily be attributed to one of the most versatile accessories — both in terms of functionality and in terms of style. All that is left for you is to choose the option that suits you.


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