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Fashion historian Milana Abieva spoke about the most relevant models of bags for students especially for the online magazine «Shipyards».

“Following fashion is funny, not following is stupid,” is one of the many very true sayings of the Great Mademoiselle Chanel. In the conditions of today’s fashion, it is important not to forget about this, at first glance, not entirely clear rule. Its meaning is that the variety of fashion is great, but comfort should not be sacrificed. It is no longer necessary to “pay” for beauty with victims.

However, giving preference to comfortable things, you should also not forget: they can be very, very stylish. And today I suggest you consider several options for bags that will help create an up-to-date image for those who are living their wonderful student years.

Of course, one of the most important criteria for a student handbag is spaciousness. Therefore, a micro-bag is definitely not enough here. Is that in addition to the image. One of the most comfortable solutions for a student will, of course, be a backpack.

The best bags for students

The backpack will be able to accommodate everything you need: from a simple notebook for notes to a laptop and several books. In addition, the backpack still remains in the collections of most brands. It can be found in any segment — from the mass market to luxury. This suggests that the most convenient option for students does not lose its relevance. Moreover, the so-called «street style» promoted by the Gvasalia brothers continues to gain momentum. And this means that you can safely combine a backpack with an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt and sneakers. And as a result, get not only a comfortable, but also a stylish look.

The best bags for students

Although street style has managed to make its way from the streets of the big city to the most significant catwalks in the world, this does not mean that everyone liked it. Fortunately, fashion today is multifaceted. And if you prefer more classic solutions, you are just as likely to create an elegant, but still comfortable and stylish look. Just make a choice in favor of a laconic backpack made of suede or leather. You can complement it with a stylish fitted down jacket in a natural shade and loafers with fur — et voilà — your comfortable student look is ready!

For those who do not like backpacks much, totes or messenger bags are a good solution. The messenger is perfect for those who love casual looks. It will be ideally combined with sneakers and an oversized blouse or with boots with a massive sole and a voluminous turtleneck. And if you look at the images of such trendsetters as Victoria Beckham and Hailey Bieber, you can be sure that the messenger is not only convenient, but also very stylish.

The best bags for students

As for totes, this is one of the most versatile options. A good tote bag, be it textile or leather, can last you through your college days, if not longer. If you want to emphasize your belonging to the younger generation, be sure to choose a voluminous textile tote with a non-trivial inscription or an intricate pattern.

The best bags for students

This option will perfectly fit into everyday looks and emphasize their youthfulness. If you want to create a more presentable and serious look, then opt for a tote made of leather, suede or even eco-fur. The last option cannot be called universal, but it has every chance to make your autumn and winter looks memorable.

Let’s not forget about the typical student style called «preppy». The «preppy» style, which settled in high fashion a few decades ago, has all the attributes of exemplary students of the Higher Educational Institutions of the United States.

It was the images of these promising young people that inspired designers to introduce elements of their clothes into their collections. Diamond pullovers, berets, stockings, white collars and shirt-fronts — all these accessories have not gone out of fashion for many years.

The best bags for students

And if you like experiments, then a briefcase bag is perfect for you. This bag will perfectly complement the images in the style of «preppy» and give your look a vintage touch that is relevant today. A briefcase bag will be not only an extravagant and stylish solution, but also a very convenient and ergonomic accessory.

The best bags for students

By the way, absolutely all of the above bag options are very versatile and will suit not only female students, but also students. Backpacks and briefcases, as well as totes and messengers, will be an excellent solution for creating stylish youthful looks for men and will allow you to stay on the wave of trends, while emphasizing your individuality.


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