The most fashionable bags of 2022 Fashion historian Milana Abieva in a new article for the online magazine «Shipyards» spoke about the most popular bags in the new year. Read more

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Fashion historian Milana Abieva in a new article for the online magazine «Shipyards» spoke about the most popular bags in the new year.

Despite the fact that the year has just begun, the shows of the spring-summer collections have already taken place. This means that we already have a complete picture of the fashion trends that are coming to us in the coming months, and we can meet the new seasons fully armed. One of the most important questions of interest to all fashionistas is, of course, what bags will be relevant. After all, this accessory can be called one of the largest investments in the wardrobe. Therefore, today I suggest you take a look at the most popular and stylish handbag models that will provide you with a fashionable look in 2022 and help you stay in trend.

Bags made of textiles or with textile inserts began to appear in the collections of fashion brands a few seasons ago. However, their popularity not only does not decline, but continues to grow. And today, such models can be found in a variety of manufacturers — from the mass market to luxury.

If earlier textile bags appeared mainly in spring or summer collections, today such handbags will be relevant not only in the warm season, but also on cold winter days. Models of such handbags can be very diverse — from a large and roomy shopper to a miniature version of the classic rectangular shape.

The second, as a rule, comes with leather inserts and goes well with more elegant looks. Anything can add to this image. A textile bomber jacket that matches the inserts on the bag, jeans and leather boots of a different color are a great option.

The most fashionable bags of 2022

Another trend that only continues to gain popularity is fur bags. Only popular in modern fashion is not natural, but artificial material. Every year more and more design houses announce the refusal to use natural fur, which makes their status not only more prestigious, but also opens up new scope for imagination.

The most fashionable bags of 2022

As a result, the shows are full of different versions of eco-fur handbags — voluminous totes, handbags on a chain and even miniature fur clutches. However, unlike textile models, fur handbags are still more appropriate in the autumn-winter season.

But handbags with fringe can be attributed to more versatile options that will look great both at the seaside and at the ski resorts. And we are talking not only about the usual models of leather or suede, inspired by the theme of the Wild West, although these options have a place to be. Fringe on handbags today can be the most diverse — from pearls, beads and even chains.

But, contrary to popular belief, these handbags are not only for cocktail parties, on the contrary. A miniature bag with pearl fringe will give a new dimension to the basic combination of blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a leather jacket, which has regained its “fashion positions”.

The most fashionable bags of 2022

By the way, such a set will be perfectly complemented by micro-bags, which, despite their impracticality, are still relevant. Well, if you want to take more things with you and pass for a real fashionista, then feel free to take two at once!

The most fashionable bags of 2022

The trend to carry several microbags at the same time is still in force. Moreover, some designers offer ready-made solutions — bags that are an imitation of such a set, or transformer bags that easily turn into several independent bags.

And, of course, the most versatile and, perhaps, the most comfortable tote bags have not lost their popularity. Despite the fact that totes and shoppers have been in fashion for several years now and have become real classics and must-haves for any wardrobe of a mobile and active woman, designers never cease to amaze us with new solutions within this model. In the new year, such bags often resemble an authentic cotton shopper, only a more durable and sophisticated version of it. Some fashion houses make it from textiles or leather dazzling with the brand logo — after all, logomania is still in trend, remember? Others turn to more concise monochromatic options, on the facade of which the name of the fashion house flaunts.

The most fashionable bags of 2022

But there are also more original options — huge shopper bags that are suitable for those who cannot imagine their life and their style without a touch of shocking, shoppers made of actual faux fur, which I talked about above, and even shoppers with fringes. In a word, there are a lot of options. Of course, classic models made of leather or suede will not lose their charm and will perfectly fit into the images in any season of the new year.


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