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Fashion historian Milana Abieva has prepared a list of the best bags for men and told what styles are best to combine them with.

It’s amazing what a huge impact the realities of life have on how we dress and what accessories we choose. If some time ago it was difficult to imagine a man at a business meeting with a fanny pack or a backpack, today such combinations are more common. Interestingly, they look more than appropriate. And very stylish.

And all because today’s variety of stylistic solutions, materials and functionality is so wide that you simply have no chance not to find a suitable model. But among the infinite number of options, there are also not entirely successful solutions. They quickly leave the ranks of fashionable novelties and, accordingly, the wardrobes of their owners.

There are those that are rapidly gaining the love of buyers and do not lose ground for a long time. It is these models of bags that will be discussed today — the most stylish, comfortable and fashionable.

Top 10 men's bags

Speaking about the novelties that won the hearts of men overnight, it is impossible not to mention the fanny pack. Although the popularity of the fanny pack can be explained by the saying “everything new is well forgotten old”, its return has been a bombshell. However, modern belt bags, in comparison with their ancestors from the eighties and nineties, have changed slightly.

Today, they are preferred to be worn over the shoulder, which allows them to be better combined with smart casual looks. And models made of leather or suede do not leave the collections of the most famous brands. From season to season, they top the lists of the most stylish men’s bags.

Top 10 men's bags

As for the real novelties that instantly gained popularity, the men’s sling bag can definitely be attributed to such ones. A more ergonomic, roomy and elegant analogue of the waist bag quickly penetrated the wardrobes of even the most capricious men.

Top 10 men's bags

A leather sling bag is the perfect complement to a business look, but a more practical, comfortable and sporty version made of nylon or other lightweight material is perfect for street fashion lovers.

It is also called a «holster» and even a mini-backpack. Which, of course, is not entirely correct. Of the advantages of this bag, there is a large capacity and a wider belt.

It is these characteristics that distinguish the sling bag from the usual belt brethren. By the way, it is they who often fit even better into a business image than backpacks and «bananas» (this is also called waist bags).

If we talk about more practical and business solutions, then it is definitely worth noting the increased popularity of the business bag. Interestingly, the choice in favor of a business bag today is made not only by office employees or students. They are also preferred by those who want to create a fashionable, representative and non-trivial image.

Top 10 men's bags

A plain business bag made of smooth or textured leather is an absolute must-have for lovers of elegant looks. Such a model will look great both with a coat-dressing gown, and with a trench coat, and even with a voluminous down jacket.

And the most fashionable ones presented the strong half of humanity, who are eager to get into the street style of the chronicle, often wear such a bag in the manner of a clutch, which makes it even more versatile and attractive.

If we talk about business bags, then one cannot fail to note the undying popularity of a business bag that looks more like a vintage briefcase. With the right styling, such a model will make your image non-standard and give it charm.

Another nice moment — warm colors and aged leather make this bag versatile and demi-season. It will look great both with jeans and a voluminous sweater in winter, and with a linen shirt and shorts in summer.

Top 10 men's bags

Of course, do not forget about backpacks. In the current autumn-winter season, they have not lost their popularity at all.

Top 10 men's bags

A backpack made of leather or suede is a timeless classic that can complement absolutely any look without depriving you of such an important component of our dynamic life as comfort. Such backpacks are found in most brands from luxury to mass market and from season to season they occupy a leading position among men’s accessories.

Top 10 men's bags

Special attention when choosing a backpack should be given to its functionality. In modern realities, a large backpack with one compartment in the vast majority of cases should be considered a controversial decision.

But the presence of understandable compartments and pockets of different sizes should definitely be attributed to the advantages. For example, does your backpack have room for a bottle of water, travel card or documents? If there is, you really have chosen a cool backpack. By the way, this applies to all accessories.

One of the hottest trends this season is men’s shopper bags. Inspired by the most basic canvas totes, designers began to offer their customers more status and elegant leather counterparts.

Top 10 men's bags

The tote bag is very versatile, because with it you can go both to work and to the gym or for a country walk. It goes well with absolutely any look: from business to sports. And even outrageous.

Unlike the basic tote made of canvas or leather, a shopper bag that looks similar to it is stylized in much the same way. But it can also have several compartments inside. This option is perfect for you if you carry a laptop, documents or a lot of different little things with you.

The texture of such a bag deserves special attention. Smooth leather creates an elegant and minimalist format, perfect for any occasion.

In a word, the variety of trends, sizes and textures leaves you room for imagination when choosing an accessory for yourself.

Top 10 men's bags


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