Towel — poncho from Matador — for surfing and more

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Matador is a maestro in the creation of foldable travel accessories. The brand has everything in its arsenal — sling bags, backpacks, and bedspreads. Matador will help you assemble a complete travel kit, with which you can practically go on any adventure.

The brand’s recent release will delight surfers and beyond. This is a foldable poncho towel that you can put on after bathing. The main advantage of the accessory, as expected, is ergonomics — the poncho folds up to the size of a small travel bag.

In this article, we will tell you why you should pay attention to the Matador poncho towel.

Yes, the poncho towel is associated mainly with surfing, wakeboarding, kiting. This is a really handy accessory for active water sports — you can quickly change into a wetsuit on the beach and keep warm at the same time.

But a poncho towel is also suitable for ordinary seaside holidays. It can be conveniently used instead of a regular towel — dry by simply throwing it over yourself. The poncho is wide enough to spread out on the sand. Or if there is no time to dry, and you urgently need to drive — in this situation, the accessory will come in handy. In general, a poncho towel is multifunctional, and you will definitely feel comfortable with it.

By the way, the poncho towel was created in collaboration with the Volcom brand, a well-known manufacturer of surf clothing. The result of cooperation is an accessory thought out to the smallest detail with a lot of nice features. And most importantly, thanks to the collaboration, Matador experienced for the first time an extraordinary colorway with a mottled design.

What’s special?

Firstly, the poncho towel is made of proprietary nanofiber material. Thanks to him, the accessory absorbs water 2 times more than its weight. And it dries very quickly, which will allow you to continue the trip almost immediately. The structure of nanofiber is soft and pleasant to the touch, so you can comfortably sit by the sea in the accessory.

Secondly, it folds into a travel bag thanks to the integrated zip pocket. Everything is very simple — when the accessory is not needed, it can be stored in a backpack in the form of a small handbag. So it does not take up much space, but is always at hand. In the same pocket where the poncho is folded, you can store things while you swim in the sea. It is not particularly noticeable, so it will not catch the eye of potential thieves.

Thirdly, the accessory is complemented by a drawstring hood, a button-down collar and a kangaroo pocket. This will allow you to adjust the poncho towel to suit you. A hidden passage in the kangaroo pocket allows you to take off your wet bathing suit without removing the accessory. And in your pocket you can warm your hands in the cool sea breeze.

As you already understood, a poncho will help you change clothes, dry and warm — soft fabric serves as a towel, perfectly absorbs moisture and dries quickly. The accessory can also be worn simply as a beach hoodie.

The Matador Packable Towel Poncho is just one of the foldable travel accessories. A wide range of Matador products will help you put together a practical travel kit, from a backpack to bottles for shower gels.

Because, as in the case of the poncho towel, the brand thinks through everything to the smallest detail. And it’s cool — summer is not over yet, which means there is still time to enjoy the practicality of Matador!


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