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Fashion historian Milana Abieva, especially for the online magazine «Shipyards», spoke about the use of travel bags, which have recently been equally often used for sports trips.

Earlier we talked about the history of the appearance of bags, as well as the fact that today they are not used so widely. It is almost impossible to meet them at the airport or train station. But this is not because people have lost the need to take everything they need with them on a trip. The thing is that handbags have been replaced by lighter and more comfortable travel bags, without which it is difficult to imagine the wardrobe of any modern mobile person.

Travel bags were wildly popular in the mid-twentieth century. The thing is that neither ladies nor gentlemen could afford to carry bulky bags even while traveling. That is why in most retro shots from airports or train stations you can see both ordinary people and stars with a travel bag.

However, as the pace of life gained momentum, fashion rapidly changed. And already in the second half of the twentieth century, the way of life changed enormously. Travel has become a habitual part of most people’s lives, and megacities have grown so much that moving inside them has become like a small country trip. Therefore, the need for a travel bag has increased.

Travel bag: sport or travel?

This became especially noticeable in the era of the eighties, when the cult of a beautiful and athletic body led to mass insanity in sports. Of course, newly minted athletes and sportswomen could not do without a travel bag, which was increasingly called a sports bag. This is because such voluminous bags were mainly used for going to the gym.

Travel bag: sport or travel?

As is often the case, «street» fashion quickly penetrated the catwalks. And soon designers began to offer both women and men to wear sports bags not only for their intended purpose, but also to complement everyday looks with them. Needless to say, such “convenient” trends take root with enviable speed?

Gym bags are still very much loved by people who lead an active lifestyle. And, which is nice, they look more than appropriate in the vein of modern fashion. However, it is important to remember that the era of the craze for sports is far in the past, and with it the images consisting of tracksuits, complemented by sports bags.

Today, a sports bag is the best match with casual and even smart-casual looks. If you have a busy day or a trip out of town, then dark blue jeans stylized with a cozy and warm coarse-knit sweater will be the perfect “companion” of a sports bag. Complement this combination with trendy chunky-soled boots and a minimalist cap — and you are guaranteed a trendy look.

In the event that you consider yourself an ardent supporter of ultra-comfortable clothes, then you can opt for a tracksuit made of wool or cashmere. Such a set will warm you in cold weather, will not hinder movement, but at the same time it will look much more elegant than a similar cotton version.

Travel bag: sport or travel?

A duffel bag is the perfect complement to such a set — especially if you complete the look with a soft oversized coat and a beanie. However, lovers of elegant images should not despair either. Fortunately, modern fashion favors contrasts.

Therefore, the sports bag goes well with both minimalist bomber jackets and a classic double-breasted coat. For such combinations, it is better to choose a bag in darker shades, preferably made of leather or suede or with its inserts. Graphite, dark blue and classic black will be a universal solution.

Travel bag: sport or travel?

By the way, a big plus of such a travel or sports bag is its demi-season — it looks great both with massive boots and a sheepskin coat, and with a basic white T-shirt and a club jacket or leather jacket. For such images, both a bag made of leather and light textile options are perfect.

There is no doubt about the relevance of the travel bag — after all, the most stylish men on the planet now and then appear in photographs in a wide variety of travel bags, often using them as an accessory to complete the look. One of the most striking examples is football player David Beckham, who for many years, despite constant experiments with style, does not change bulky sports bags. At the former world football star, you can always «peep» the ideas of current images.


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