Traveling with Matador foldable backpacks

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The Matador brand is professionals in the creation of travel products. Their assortment seems to have everything you need to take with you on a trip — from minimalist tubes of shower gels to folding towels (and even a poncho!). At the same time, all accessories are small in size, which is important for saving space in a suitcase.

Matador’s flagships are foldable backpacks. There are many of them, because each of them is suitable for a certain type of trip — there are both for hiking and for a beach holiday. In this article, we will tell you why you need folding backpacks at all, and tell you which backpack to choose (summer is coming soon!).

What is the benefit of a folding backpack?

  • Compactness. Typically, these backpacks fold to the size of a smartphone (slightly thicker, unfortunately). This saves space in your suitcase when you don’t need the accessory.
  • Practicality. You don’t always need a backpack when traveling. For example, at the airport, where a sling is enough for documents, a phone and a couple of other things. This means that you can keep the backpack in your suitcase for the time being, and open it at the hotel and go with it to explore local attractions.

  • Light weight. On average, each backpack weighs approximately 250 g (little more than an iPhone). For the total mass of the suitcase — this is nothing. But in such minimalism lies a fully functional backpack.
  • Strength. We are sure that many of you think that backpacks without a rigid structure simply cannot be strong and durable. This is not the case with the Matador. All backpacks are made from Cordura (dense, water-resistant fabric) and some include an aluminum inner skeleton. And yes, zippers are also water resistant.

  • Spaciousness. The smallest of the brand’s backpacks holds 16 liters of volume. We checked — it fits a windbreaker, a bottle of water, a towel, sneakers, and in an additional pocket — a wallet, phone and keys. The peculiarity is that Matador backpacks have a well-thought-out organization that allows you to fit a lot.

Which backpack to choose?

We have selected the three most popular types of recreation — a tourist city, a beach or a hike.

For the city. Imagine that you arrived with a suitcase, checked into a hotel, and an unfamiliar city awaits you, which you have to explore. For such a trip, you need a very light backpack, with few pockets and small volume. And it should also include breathable straps and a back, because you will have to walk a lot and for a long time.

Backpack Matador DL16 Backpack

Backpack with a volume of 16 liters, including a small main compartment and three external pockets. The zippers can be closed with a padlock.

In the assembled state, the length of the backpack is a little more than 10 cm. Its weight is 125 g.

Matador DL16 Backpack is made of durable and waterproof Cordura material. All zippers are also waterproof, so every compartment of the backpack will be protected.

The straps are made of mesh material.

Matador Freefly16 Packable Backpack

The Freefly 16 is a waterproof, lightweight backpack that’s easy to carry around. It packs compactly into a palm-sized pouch. The accessory is minimalistic and does not take up much space.

Fully waterproof main compartment holds 16 liters of gear. Adjustable shoulder straps made of breathable material provide comfort, evenly distributing the load on the entire back.

On the front there is a horizontal pocket with a waterproof zipper. Side pockets for water bottles.

The weight of the backpack is less than 150 grams, and when packed, the accessory fits in the palm of your hand. It will not take up much space (even fit in a jacket pocket), but it will be handy if necessary.

For beach. For this type of vacation, you need a roomy backpack, because there are a lot of things. Towel, cream, a bottle of water, a small snack, a change of clothes — this is all you need to take. And the backpack must be definitely waterproof.

Backpack Matador Freerain24 Backpack

The backpack consists of two compartments, one of which is complemented by a roll-top design. Two compartments are convenient, because one of them can store wet clothes.

There are two elastic pockets on the sides.

The accessory is made of durable and waterproof Cordura material. All zippers are also waterproof, so every compartment of the backpack will be protected.

The color of the backpack is a fairy tale. Pleasant blue gamma just in time for the summer mood.

Matador Freerain24 Waterproof Packable Backpack

Large backpack with wide functionality. The internal space has a volume of 24 liters. Capacity can be changed using the roll-top design.

On the facade there is a vertical pocket with a waterproof zipper. On the side are deep pockets for water bottles with fasteners to lock items in place.

The straps are breathable, distribute the weight efficiently and do not twist in motion thanks to the contoured design. Thus, they provide comfort, air circulation and a secure fit.

The backpack develops thanks to fasteks on a roll-top. The Freerain24 is made from durable and water-resistant Cordura® fabric with sealed seams and water-resistant zippers.

For a hike. For hiking, you need a large backpack, with straps for external attachment of things and space for a drinking system. The accessory should be such that the person does not feel discomfort at all — therefore the back, straps and lumbar support are very important.

Backpack Matador Beast28 Ultralight Technical Backpack

The Beast 28 is equipped with everything you need for hiking, including the ability to integrate a drinking system, loops for climbing equipment and trekking poles, and webbing for external attachment of additional accessories.

The Beast 28 is designed to move with you, providing all-day comfort and flexibility as you move. The flexible «skeleton» of the backpack repeats the movements of the body and maintains the rigidity of the accessory design. A waist belt and chest strap keep the Beast 28 steady and distribute weight evenly across your shoulders and back.

Interior space includes a spacious compartment with easy access to all accessories. There are also zip pockets and a key strap. And a water bottle or umbrella can be stowed on the side in elasticated pockets.

Roll, fold in half, place inside — three steps to pack a roomy, functional backpack. The compression pouch makes it easy to take a complete hiking backpack with you wherever you go.

The Matador Beast 28 is made from Robic nylon fabric with a UTS PU coating for water resistance.

PS For those who need less volume, a similar 18-liter Beast 18 backpack will do.


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