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Fashion historian Milana Abieva continues to talk about famous women who forever changed the world of fashion especially for the online magazine «Verfi».

Every era and every decade has its own style icons — women who become real role models. They are admired, they inspire, the paparazzi follow them anywhere in the world in order to take a picture of the next image. In our time, one of these trendsetters can definitely be called Victoria Beckham.

Contrary to the laws of show business, after the collapse of the cult group The Spice Girls, the glory of the “luxurious spice” has only just begun to grow. And, in fairness, it must be said that Victoria has not lost its position for more than two decades. On the way to today’s restrained and minimalist style, Ms. Beckham also made fatal mistakes. However, the eyes of the public and in particular women have always been riveted to her.

Any public appearance of the wife of the world famous football player David Beckham has always been massed in the press, her pictures instantly appeared on the covers of magazines and newspapers, and later on the World Wide Web. By the way, a luxurious couple always knew how to stir up interest in themselves. Almost any joint appearance of David and Victoria was thought out to the smallest detail. The outfits of the spouses have always been collected in a single style, which added a special charm to both.

Victoria Beckham.  Style icons and their bags
Victoria and David Beckham: spouses’ outfits are always in the same style

Despite the fact that fashion houses with big names did not name their handbag models after Ms. Beckham, nevertheless, like any other style icon, she had and continues to have a tremendous impact on trends among ladies’ accessories. By the way, it was Victoria who popularized the Birkin handbag from Hermès at the beginning of the 2000s.

Victoria Beckham.  Style icons and their bags

And although this iconic bag was created for another beauty — Jane Birkin — several decades earlier, this model is associated with Victoria herself no less than with Serge Gainsbourg’s beloved. Even if not more. Almost any appearance of a fashion diva in the 2000s was accompanied by an active discussion of the press and fans of the next cherished handbag. Classic black from smooth leather, rich fuchsia from exotic ostrich leather, ecru from expensive alligator skin — legends were made about the collection of the trendsetter.

In fact, it was then that every fashionista desired to have at least one Birkin handbag in her arsenal. Victoria’s numerous outings, coupled with her fashion advice book, in which she argued that there is no better investment in wardrobe than buying a Hermès handbag, the Birkin model has earned the attention of many celebrities and not only.

However, over time, Mrs. Beckham’s style continued to change and evolve — today, false hair and artificial tan (after all, this was the «fashionable» standard of beauty in the 2000s) was replaced by maximum naturalness.

Victoria Beckham.  Style icons and their bags
Victoria Beckham with a Birkin bag

A ponytail or bun gathered at the back of the head, flowing dresses, plain trouser suits — Victoria has become a real embodiment of elegance. The same aesthetic is also conveyed by her Victoria Beckham brand, in which the designer herself regularly appears in public.

She often complements such images with voluminous clutches or bags with a long shoulder strap. But she also wears the latter in the manner of a clutch — in her hand. Beckham sometimes resorts to this technique even at social events, complementing laconic cocktail dresses with a large clutch. Small clutches at the style icon are also among the favorites. With them, Victoria complements not only evening outings and looks for the red carpet, but also everyday looks with a coat and palazzo trousers.

However, despite the constantly changing trends and style of Victoria Beckham herself, she has remained faithful to the elegant Hermès handbag for many years. Today, Victoria complements this «eternal classic» no longer with jeans and mini-dresses as in the 2000s, but with elegant skirts with jackets and blouses, trench coats and trouser suits. Of course, Victoria has been the standard of good taste and style for many years.

Victoria Beckham.  Style icons and their bags
It was Victoria Beckham who set the trend for women’s trouser suits and small clutches.

Such women not only broadcast current trends, but they themselves, one way or another, influence their formation and create them. Therefore, if you want to know what handbags are in fashion today and how best to combine them and in what manner to wear, then do not neglect viewing the latest photos of fashion trendsetters.


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