Able Carry Daily Backpack Review

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Able Carry is a young company that launched the Daily Backpack on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform in early 2018. At the presentation of the novelty, the brand positioned itself as a manufacturer of simple, stylish and durable backpacks, the quality of which is much higher than that of well-known competitors, and the price is lower.

Seeing them as a rather banal and loud slogan inall ingenious is simple a logical question arises: “Is everything so ingenious and so simple in a backpack Able Carry Daily Backpack? Now let’s figure everything out.

First pconsider Main characteristics.

  • Volume — 20 l, including main compartment, small external pocket for quick access on the top of the backpack and external pocket on the front of the accessory (the one with the key lanyard)
  • Back and straps — wide, but neat and refined shoulder straps with a latch on the chest and a soft «breathing» back.
  • The form — a smooth «egg» silhouette with a slightly rounded bottom and straps that create the structure of the accessory
  • Material — Cordura 1000D nylon in Navy, Olive, Sand and X-PAC X50 and Cordura 1000D nylon in White Alpine and Dark Forest. The material of the inner lining is not listed on the official website of the brand, but it feels like thin nylon. Lightning — from YKK, accessories — from Duraflex. A huge plus of the backpack is that every detail is water resistant.
  • Internal organization — interior compartment consisting of a laptop pocket up to 15 inches and 3 other smaller pockets

Main interior compartment

Let’s dig a little deeper and start with the inside of the backpack, i.e. main department. The laptop compartment is ideal for 15″ laptops and is reinforced at the bottom (generally, the entire bottom of the accessory is supported by straps). On the front of this compartment is a zippered mesh pocket for a small notepad and other extra trinkets. Pens/pencils are also probably best placed in this pocket, although I wish there were separate slots for stationery.

There’s also a slot on top of the interior compartment that’s perfect for a glasses case, phone, or oversized power bank. Next to it there is another zippered pocket, for example, for headphones or a laptop cord. This pocket is versatile as it can expand to accommodate bulkier items, but at the expense of space in the external quick access pocket.

External pockets

The outer branch is quite large and has no internal organization. This pocket has almost no self-contained space of its own, as it is tightly integrated into the interior compartment (as mentioned above, its capacity depends on the workload of the main compartment). Nevertheless, you can put all those little things that should be at hand into it: a travel card, business cards or keys, for which, by the way, there is a special strap.

Finally, at the top of the back there is a small zippered quick access pocket. The space inside it is quite flat and dense, since it is located right next to the «skeleton» of the accessory. However, the pocket is deep enough to fit car keys, cardholder, etc.


Bag&Wallet believes that the design of the backpack is a great balance of simplicity and functional organization — there are enough pockets of different sizes that can be used for all sorts of things, but not in a huge amount. However, according to our feelings, the volume of the backpack is not 20 liters, but rather 17-18 liters. Part of the reason is that the top is rounded and tapered, and there are no pockets to take up space at the top (i.e. above the laptop compartment). The bottom also has little volume and is difficult to fill when the front inside pockets are full.

The shoulder straps are contoured and comfortable to wear, and the foam padding feels soft enough. Feature of this The details of the backpack are in a breathable mesh, similar to the one that is integrated into the back of the accessory. It can be seen that the manufacturers reacted with trepidation to this element. The mesh is soft and smooth and provides soft contact between the straps of the backpack and the shoulders of the person.

It is important to note that the straps are equipped with an adjustable lock on the chest, which is necessary for fixing the backpack on the back. You can adjust not only the length of the strap, but also its height on the straps. It is possible to remove the latch in a special compartment if necessary.

Structure and design

AT Bagandwallet sure that this is where the Daily Backpack shines with its form and function. The overall look is refined and minimalist. This is not something flashy or exotic, this is a unique touch of the brand.

«A-frame» (the design behind the Able Carry Daily Backpack) may sound like a beautiful slogan on paper, but it offers both practical and aesthetic value. Most everyday backpacks have a flexible front that, when not fully packed, just looks limp and droopy. The 1000D nylon fabric or X-PAC fabric has some internal thickness and additional nylon mesh that provide a more uniform fit, making the backpack look great even with minimal load.

The structure and rigidity of a backpack is necessary not only for aesthetics. A strong frame is comfortable to wear — it fits snugly to the back and repeats its movements, due to which a person does not feel uncomfortable when walking.

There is one small minus — the backpack does not stand on the floor despite its hard skeleton.

Daily Backpack — a great accessory for modest everyday needs. It combines a sophisticated aesthetic with a simple yet functional design and is beautiful in terms of comfort. This backpack is not so simple, but it is ingenious.


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