Aer Fit Pack 2 backpack review

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In 2014, an ambitious project called Aer entered the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. Then the company introduced the Aer Fit Pack backpack, which was positioned as a sports-office backpack. It sounds strange and unusual, but that’s exactly what it was: the backpack had a neutral style, and the design provided space for both accessories needed at work and sports items. In addition, the backpack combined 3 main components: simplicity, practicality and durability.

Since then, the company has only been increasing its momentum and each time pleases customers with new updates, which are becoming more and more cool. And most importantly, Aer continues to adhere to its three main postulates in new products. And you know, it’s very cool!

Most recently, the company introduced the Aer Fit Pack 2 backpack, which caused a huge buzz in the market. Today we will try to understand what is the success of the new Aer Fit Pack 2 backpack!


Aer Fit Pack 2 has a more attractive shape than the previous version. As practice shows, oval backpacks do not look as aesthetically pleasing as rectangular backpacks. By the way, «rectangular backpacks» have a neutral style, that is, they are great for both strict and loose clothing styles. Why am I all this? And to the fact that the Aer Fit Pack 2 just has such a style, versatile and attractive.


The backpack is made of 900D polyester. I understand that it became unclear to many what kind of material it was, but believe me, this is one of the most durable artificial fabrics that are currently available in the world. With such strength, it seems that the material is very rough, but it is not: when working with a backpack, you will feel how soft it is. And yet, 900D polyester is waterproof!

Plastic fittings from Duraflex. The zippers are made by YKK.

What’s new?

    1. Added one outer pocket near the top handle. The innovation is small, but very significant, especially for those who are constantly on the go. Any little thing can be put there without removing the backpack and without unfastening the main compartment. This is a quick access pocket for accessories that need to be always at hand.
    2. Updated strap design. They now literally fit the body and at the same time do not impede movement in any way. They are more comfortable to wear and much stronger than the previous version of the backpack.
    3. In the new version of the backpack, the back has become softer, and most importantly, it has improved ventilation. Back ventilation is generally one of the main problems of all backpacks, in Aer Fit Pack 2 this problem is solved, it has become much more pleasant and comfortable to wear a backpack.
    4. Shoe compartment. Changes have been made to this component as well. First, the department has become larger. Secondly, there is ventilation. In general, few backpacks can boast such a compartment, but it is valued among athletes.
    5. Internal organization:
  • Padded laptop pocket that securely keeps the gadget from any kind of damage
  • Mesh pocket at the top of the interior compartment for cables, headphones and other small accessories
  • Two smaller stretch pockets at the bottom of the inner compartment. Great for charging Macbook.
  • Two pockets for pens
  • Main compartment for sports items

Air Fit Pack First Version:

Updated Air Fit Pack 2:


The Aer Fit Pack 2 is one of the most successful urban packs out there right now. The company hasn’t made any major updates to this backpack, but it must be said that all the little innovations make it as comfortable and practical as possible. It is a mixture of attractive design, wide functionality and reliability.

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