Bellroy Classic Brief 15′ — a minimalistic bag for modern professionals

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Designed with attention to detail and the needs of professionals in today’s environment, the Bellroy Classic Brief bag is minimalist, elegant and simple. The accessory is made without the frills inherent in classic briefcases — the aesthetics of the Bellroy Classic Brief is universal and therefore attractive. The bag looks organic both in a strict, working atmosphere, and in a free, informal setting.

The relaxed, energetic design is complemented by high-quality materials, convenient organization of pockets with quick access to them and comfortable wearing elements. More about everything in the article.

Let’s talk about materials. The outer part of the bag is made of specially produced polyester. It is a favorite material of the brand — it consists of polyester fibers tightly tied together, forming a strong, but pleasant to the touch, wavy mesh. The bag is also finished with high-quality leather (from which the runners are made, for example, and the logo patch), YKK hardware and a waterproof shell.

On the facade of the Bellroy Classic Brief, the brand’s logo flaunts — a light leather patch with the name of the Australian company. And here is hidden the first «Easter egg». The logo is not completely attached to the bag, so it can be used as a hook to attach items to the outside. If you like cycling to work, you can hang a bicycle lock on the patch. Not very aesthetically pleasing, but quite practical.

There is also a zippered pocket on the outer front for items that need to be close at hand. This is a functionally useful department, which is a space that is in convenient and quick access.

P.S. The second «Easter egg» is hidden there — a key strap.

The bag can be carried in hand or over the shoulder. The first way is provided by padded nylon handles, the second by a detachable shoulder strap with padded shoulder area and contoured straps.

Let’s move on to internal organization. Behind the zippers is a well thought out main compartment, designed in such a way that nothing can get lost inside. Why? Firstly, the compartment opens wide — this means that dark “corners” cannot form inside, due to which any object escapes the field of view. Secondly, the number of pockets that make up the interior space simply will not allow any accessories to get lost.

Let’s talk about internal organization. An important element is the laptop compartment. It accommodates a laptop up to 15 inches and protects the device from mechanical damage — as it is made of soft lining. The compartment is hidden behind two patch pockets and a pen holder. The standard of workspace orderliness, nothing else.

On the opposite side of the main compartment are two zippered pockets. Their feature is that they are elastic. They don’t care about the size of the object at all — they will fit anything (of course, within reason).

Those who appreciate the balance between design and function will definitely love the Bellroy Classic Brief. Bellroy Classic Brief will also appeal to those who love bags that are versatile in terms of aesthetics, i.e. not too rough and semi-official, not too casual and brittle.

Bellroy Classic Brief is also about functionality. Functionality that will allow you to ergonomically arrange all the necessary accessories and keep them in quick and convenient access.


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