Bellroy Duo Totepack Review

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The novelty from Bellroy is designed for those who have not decided how to carry their accessories more conveniently: on the shoulders or in the hand. This is the accessory that performs the functions of both a business briefcase and an everyday backpack. It — Bellroy duo totepack.


If you have ever held Bellroy products in your hands, you should know that all accessories of the Australian brand are made of high quality materials that are distinguished by their durability, water resistance and style. Duo Totepack is no exception.

The bag-backpack is sold in a cover made of polypropylene threads, which will keep the beautiful look of the accessory until you use it for a long time. The Duo Totepack itself is made from waterproof nylon; zippers are also distinguished by their water resistance. You don’t have to worry about the safety of accessories — the inner material is made of soft fabric that protects your belongings from mechanical damage.

The interior and exterior materials are known for their durability, and we bet that after years of heavy use of the Duo Totepack, you will notice only minimal signs of wear on the accessory. The briefcase-backpack is light and minimalistic, so its size and weight will depend solely on how many things you put inside.

Some details of the Duo Totepack, such as handles or side studs, are crafted from eco-friendly Bellroy leather, giving the accessory a sophisticated and refined look. The Australian brand’s briefcase backpack comes in three colors — Black, Ink Blue and Moss — each retaining its unique look.

One of the important features of Duo Totepack is the ability to increase / decrease the volume of the accessory with light hand movements. It’s very simple — if you have a lot of accessories with you, then you need to open the rivets on the sides of the bag. If you need a slender briefcase-backpack, reduce the volume of the accessory.

As for the external pockets, the Duo Totepack has a sufficient number of them. There is one large zippered pocket on the front of the backpack that can hold essentials such as a wallet, phone, keys and handle, for which there is a pocket. There is a compartment on the back where you can stow the straps when you use the Duo Totepack as a business briefcase. The same compartment can serve as a pocket for valuables, as it is located in a place inaccessible to thieves — behind your back.

The main compartment is an organized space of 15 liters, including 2 padded compartments designed for a laptop up to 15 inches and a tablet up to 10 inches, and many internal pockets, elastic and hard, for smaller accessories. They can hold items such as minimalist travel bags, headphones, charging cables and portable batteries. There is also a pocket for a bottle of water and a compartment for glasses. All in all, the interior of the Duo Totepack is versatile and will allow you to organize the interior the way you want.

Changing modes of the Duo Totepack — from a backpack to a briefcase and vice versa — is not difficult. If you want to carry the accessory on your shoulders, then you need to get the straps from the rear outer compartment and fasten them with carabiners to the bottom. If you need the Duo Totepack as a briefcase, simply unfasten the straps and place them in the compartment on the back.

It may seem that the straps do not look very reliable, but believe me, there is no reason to doubt their strength. They are soft, so you won’t even notice that you have a heavy backpack behind you. Also, they have enough cushioning to lighten the load when walking. Of course, this is not thought out as cool as a backpack. keep Pursuing ZeroGbut the effect of this feature will be noticeable immediately.

If you’re looking for a versatile backpack or briefcase to take to work or attend an informal event, then the Bellroy Duo Totepack is the perfect option to blend seamlessly into any environment.

The accessory is really multifunctional — the possibility of transformation and increase / decrease in its volume is a confirmation of this. Isn’t it great to have a versatile and stylish bag that can take on any task?

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