Bellroy Note Sleeve. Review.

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Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet review.

Today we are starting a series of Bellroy wallet reviews. And, perhaps, we will start with the black Note Sleeve model. This is the first Bellroy wallet that appeared in our team, so it’s worth starting with it.

So, a little background:

A little over a year ago, I was actively looking for a new wallet. After a short search, I settled on the Piquadro AS341B2/N. I lived in peace and friendship with him for about a week. The wallet is pretty good, apart from the fact that the card slots are much wider than the cards themselves. Because of this, during the next walk, I lost 7 out of 9 of my cards and firmly decided to change my wallet. For the time of the new search, I was presented with a Porsche Design wallet (I don’t know the model).

Due to its size, it does not fit in a pocket, it looks something like this (not PD in the photo):

My former colleague Roman S. advised me to pay attention to the Bellroy brand. The site, in my opinion, is very cool, informative and at the same time simple. It was possible to order a wallet only there, respectively, I paid for the wallet and after 2 weeks I received my order:

I’ll say a separate word about the packaging: it seems to be a trifle [да и стоимость ее производства, думаю, совсем не высока], but how nice to get a wallet in it! By the way, here is a ready-made gift for you: a high-quality wallet + beautiful packaging.

Below you can see a photo, but in which two of my wallets are located next to each other: old and new:

I will say right away that I usually carry five cards with me, but for clarity I will use nine (+ travel card):

So, a few words about the quality of the wallet:

  • nothing sticks out anywhere (threads, leather, etc.)
  • wallet smells like leather, not paint
  • leather looks and feels good
  • everything slides out easily

Here are some photos:

So, you need to divide those 9 cards into several groups. I will divide by 3:

  1. daily use cards
  2. weekly use cards
  3. monthly use cards

Again, I usually carry five cards with me, so the other four were randomly selected.

The first group is the most necessary: ​​a bank card, travel card, rights, another travel card. Everything slides in easily and at the same time nothing pops out. We put everything in such a way that, if necessary, it is easy to find.

Second group. There will be all sorts of discount and bonus cards that are needed from time to time. I have these cards for buying food and just goods for everyday life. There are four of them in total. We will shove them into the compartment, which goes to the special “Bellroy tongue”

Well, the last two cards remain, which we will put in two compartments located in the bills section. [В эти отсеки помещается куда больше, чем всего две карточки]:

Is there a difference between wallet Bellroy Note Sleeve Black and my previous one, you can define for yourself:

Now I can carry my wallet in my pocket. It is very compact, but at the same time very roomy. It looks cool and I want to show it to everyone. All in all, I’m very happy with it so far. After a year of active use, it has not changed much, here is the proof:

Ps all our banknotes are placed in it, including one thousand and five thousand.



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