Bellroy Premium Sling bag review

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With a capacity of 7 litres, the Bellroy Premium Sling is an elegant and functional way to carry all your essentials and a convenient alternative to stuffed trouser pockets or a bulky bag. Usually, when we leave the house, we take with us a few familiar «essentials» in the modern world: keys, phone, wallet, headphones and a portable battery. Not many things, but enough to make your pants pockets look sloppy. If you don’t need anything other than these accessories, taking a backpack for the sake of a wallet and keys is at least not practical.

The Bellroy Premium Sling is the perfect size to carry these essential and everyday accessories. The sling consists of two sections: mainequipped with a compartment for sunglasses or a regular zipped pocket (depending on how you will use it) and a carabiner for keys to eliminate their annoying rattling, and external, located on the front of the accessory, protected by a water-resistant YKK zipper and designed for items that should always be at hand. Thus, the Premium Sling is perfect for the role of an everyday bag, which will be free from «dead» space due to its minimalist dimensions that can satisfy your daily needs for things you need during the day.

Interestingly, the back of the sling has a soft «cushion» that softens the contact of your torso with the accessory. A handy feature that will save you from the unpleasant feeling of a hard object in your bag.

The sling boasts its high-quality leather trim, seamlessly integrated into the overall design of the bag. The material is subjected to high-quality tanning and dyeing. This is a painstaking and time-consuming process that helps ensure that the skin becomes more elegant over time. However, the basis of the bag is waterproof fabric, pleasant to the touch and not subject to fading.

The strap is made of durable, but at the same time soft nylon, which will be soft during the use of the accessory. However, its peculiarity lies precisely in functionality: it provides the ability to expand/compress the bag depending on the load on the bag. That is, with the help of it, you can change the shape of the bag, making it more “thin” or “full”. In addition, the belt provides a snug fit for the accessory so that it does not dangle while walking.

Also, the canvas elements on the back of the sling provide just enough texture to keep the bag from slipping on your body, and the textured nylon webbing has just enough resistance to hold it in place without stopping you from quickly unrolling the bag to get something from the interior compartment. .

As for the design. Sling is a combination of minimalism and elegance. Especially in black, the Bellroy Premium Sling looks almost unnoticeable, and the brighter color of the strap provides a bit of stylish contrast without sacrificing the neutral color scheme. It is versatile enough to be paired with almost any piece of clothing.

Why Bellroy Premium Sling is the best everyday bag option?

  1. Durability and reliability of a design of a bag. These slings stand up to daily challenges in a variety of conditions, as their design is suitable for any situation. In addition, Bellroy guarantees that the Premium Sling will not let you down under any circumstances.
  2. Versatility. The Premium Sling is flexible enough in design to allow it to be used in a variety of circumstances and to easily switch from one situation to another while maintaining style and practicality.
  3. Style. Minimalism, coupled with small but catchy elements, is always interesting and extraordinary. Bellroy Premium Sling just combines these features.


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