Bellroy Take Out (photo)

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Bellroy Take Out suits those who are looking for a quality wallet that can hold absolutely everything. But, nevertheless, it is quite compact in size (for this type of wallets). The wallet comes in two colors Java (pictured) and Chai:

Carrying Take Out is easiest in the hands, by the way, the skin is very pleasant and soft to the touch. Or put in a bag. All the cards you need will fit in the wallet, which is most important, nothing will happen to them, because the wallet can be closed with a zipper. Optimal size card slots: do not allow cards to fly out when shaken, but at the same time make it possible to quickly pull out the necessary one. The wallet has a compartment for coins, as well as a leather partition, which does not allow the wallet to open completely and, accordingly, lose some of what is in the wallet.

Inside the Bellroy Take Out, there is another special wallet. It «attaches» to the main wallet with magnets, it can be folded in half so that you can put it in your pocket when going to dinner, to a bar, to any other place where you need nothing more than cash and a few cards:

In general, the wallet is very functional: money, cards and other trifles, including sim cards, memory cards, etc., will fit into it. It is easy to make a compact, camping option out of it. This wallet can be a wonderful gift. It comes in this cute package:

You can place an order here. All of the above can be seen in this video:


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