Bellroy Travel RFID Wallet Review

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Nothing helps a person to “recharge” like traveling to places with an unexplored culture. The most important thing on any trip is to make sure that all documents are collected and in a safe place. We travel quite often, and the monotonous process of passing through checkpoints, registration, screening, etc. has become a form of art for us.

It all started with the Bellroy Travel Wallet. It has an interior in which everything you need for a trip fits perfectly into the pockets and compartments of the accessory, and due to which you will spend less time and nerves on passing the necessary control points at the airport, and spend the saved minutes in the lounge area, drinking cocktails.


We have happily used Travel Wallet for several years now and were happy to learn that the updated wallet retained all the benefits of the old version. Moreover, the accessory has undergone minimal changes that have only made it better. Like all Bellroy products, the Travel Wallet is crafted from premium genuine leather for a premium feel. The best indicator of the high quality of the leather is the patina on the outside of the accessory (*patina is the natural process of “aging” of the material, which is expressed in a slight change in its color and the appearance of the smallest scuffs and cracks on it). A Bellroy wallet is like wine — it only gets better with age and acquires a unique elegant style. If you think that this is the limit, then check out the Travel Wallet Designer’s Edition, which will surprise you even more.

The wallet is available in four colors: Black, Navy, Camel and Cocoa. Its appearance is spared from an excessive amount of branding — there is only one inconspicuous Bellroy lettering on the facade and a small owl badge (brand logo) inside. Each color includes artful edging on the outside and, with the exception of black, has a different shade to the interior than the exterior.


On the right inner side of the wallet is a compartment for a passport. Big enough to fit an Australian passport (60 pages, btw), but we found it could fit two standard-sized documents — handy when you’re traveling as a couple. On the left, there are quick access compartments for credit cards or, for example, a driver’s license or Priority Pass cards. Behind them there are three more pockets of the same size. In total, we get ten compartments for the things you need on the trip.

While traveling, we noticed that the best time to fill out migration cards is during the flight, in order to avoid the crush at passport control and quickly get to the baggage claim belt. Often people forget to take a pen with them on a trip. At such moments, you begin to appreciate Bellroy products. Why? So because in the middle of the wallet there is a mini-pen, organically built into the interior of the Travel Wallet. With this feature, queues for passport control do not exist for you.

The back compartment (also known as the bill compartment) holds a boarding pass without any problems. We have never encountered the problem of a crumpled ticket — every time you get it in such a state as if you had just received it at the check-in desk. The new version of the Travel Wallet includes a leather strip that closes the last compartment in the wallet, the best place to store cash. So, they are hidden from prying eyes. In addition, the banknote compartment holds any banknotes of the world — pounds sterling, dollars, euros. There is even a pocket for a SIM card and paper clips for an iPhone.

RFID protection

The huge amount of personal data stored in bank cards and passports encourages thieves to resort to a new type of fraud — reading information from credit cards and documents in a matter of seconds. Travel Wallet will protect you from this type of theft — the wallet is endowed with RFID protection so that you can get exceptionally positive travel experiences. There is nothing worse when traveling than being left without a bank card or funds on it.

With proper wallet care, the Bellroy Travel Wallet will be an integral part of every trip for years to come, given the 3-year product warranty. You don’t have to be an avid traveler or business traveler to appreciate the usefulness of this accessory — you’ll understand it on your very first trip. If your travels are closely related to airports, then Travel Wallet is what you need. Having order in your wallet means not having any problems when traveling.

Video review of the Bellroy Travel RFID Wallet:


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