Branded eco-bags Bag and Wallet

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About a month ago, we decided to order branded plastic bags for the store.

At the initial stage, it seemed that finding a manufacturer would not be difficult. Yandex and Google issue hundreds of offers in Moscow and beyond. There would be no problems with regular bags, however, we needed biodegradable bags.

We wanted to order exactly eco-bags, because ordinary plastic ones pose a serious environmental problem.

1 bag decomposes in 300-1000 years, and in the world ocean of plastic waste floats by weight more than fish! France, realizing the problem on its territory, by 2018 plans to completely ban the production and sale of disposable plastic tableware and plastic bags. We hope that in our country, in the near future, they will begin to pay more attention to the issues of recycling and disposal of waste.

The production of biodegradable bags is obviously a step towards ecology. At the same time, the cost of an eco-package is only 5-10% more expensive than a regular one. In this situation, we considered it necessary to manufacture bags that completely decompose in about 3 years.

If you need to make a large circulation (from 10,000 pieces) or a small circulation of a standard size (40×50 cm), then it is not difficult to find a manufacturer of bio-bags in Moscow. However, we only needed a few thousand pieces, and 2 sizes were needed: 35×40 cm and 70×60 cm.

We also wanted bags made of HDPE (low pressure polyethylene) — they are dull, rustling, polyethylene does not stretch and is more difficult to tear. A small circulation in Moscow was offered to us only from LDPE (high pressure polyethylene) and only in the size of 40×50 cm. At the same time, the price per piece was almost 10 times higher than what we received in the end. The proposals for bio-packages in general turned out to be, unfortunately, very limited in number and variability. As it turned out, there is simply not much demand for bio-bags.

Nevertheless, the ASTAPAK company in St. Petersburg agreed to make a few thousand pieces without increasing the price. As a result, we received the long-awaited packages: strong, durable, friendly to nature.


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