BRIALDI Assisi leather shoulder bag

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Brialdi has a remarkable tradition of naming its accessories after famous cities in England and the United States. This gives them a zest, some unsaid association with the place whose name the bag or backpack is named. This time, Brialdi decided to change traditions and christen their offspring with the name of an Italian city. Assisi is a small town, notable for being the birthplace of the great man Francis of Assisi. It is up to you to decide whether to find any connections here or not, but, you see, such mystery leaves a pleasant impression.

But what about the product itself? The Assisi bag is designed to carry small, flat items with a sleek shoulder strap. It should be noted that the belt is made of the same material as the entire bag — premium Great Nappa leather. Brialdi craftsmen can be proud of their products: neither the quality of the leather nor the quality of the details can be surpassed by anyone. Metal zippers in Arctic White create a beautiful contrast against the dark skin tone for a more elegant look.

Considering that the Assisi bag is not very large, you cannot expect huge capacity from it. Assisi is perfect for moving around the city between offices or cafes. It’s the perfect choice for those who are always on the go, as the main compartment is perfect for carrying a tablet up to 12 inches, and all the additional pockets are designed for little things. This bag is very simple, and that is why it attracts attention. And this is not surprising, not in vain once Bruce Lee said: «Simplicity is above all art.»

The Brialdi brand has long been distinguished by the originality and elegance of the designs of its accessories. The Assisi bag is a clear confirmation of this — light, mobile, quite roomy and at the same time stylish and discreet. Forget about heavy luggage, why do you need it? Travel light around the city and do not burden yourself with unnecessary problems, and the Assisi bag will help you with this.


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