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Sooner or later in the life of every person there comes a moment when he must say goodbye to his favorite backpack and say «bye!» boring faux-leather briefcases bought at an office supply store. You suddenly realize that you want to look stylish and elegant at work. And that means choosing a bag that not only suits your needs, but also tells those around you and your boss that you take your job seriously enough to invest in a real portfolio.

Depending on your profession and place of work, there are many types of business bags.

But if you have to constantly carry a tablet, documents, folders or magazines with you, then the BRIALDI Ostin SLIM business bag is your ideal choice.

The stylish minimalistic design gives it an elegant look that makes you more confident among colleagues and people around you.

The bag is handmade from genuine leather.

The zipper on the outside not only adds a touch of uniqueness to the bag, but also enhances its functionality. If you suddenly find that by the evening there are more documents in it than in the morning, then by unzipping the zipper around the perimeter, it is quite easy to increase its volume. The bag also includes multiple interior pockets so you can store everything from your wallet to your keys without worrying about them. This model has very comfortable, padded handles, but if you prefer to carry the bag on your shoulder, you can fasten the detachable strap, which is wide enough and comfortable.

In total, we see that this spectacular briefcase-tablet has an elegant timeless design and will serve its owner for more than one year. The BRIALDI Austin Slim Business Bag is without a doubt one of the best bags you can have in your wardrobe.


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