BRIALDI Capri‎ Leather Shoulder Bag

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The whirlpool of events strives to carry modern man into its abyss. Every day we need to do a lot and follow a lot, but doing this is not so easy. In order to be in time everywhere, you need a reliable assistant who you can rely on without fear that he will let you down. For example, for a business person, electronic devices and practical accessories are a faithful companion. And if there are practically no problems with the choice of the first, then with the second you need to be more careful. If you are in doubt about which bag for papers and a tablet to choose, pay attention to the products of the company BRIALDI, which has been producing prestigious leather bags, backpacks, briefcases and a lot of other pleasing to the eye for more than a hundred years. It’s about their brainchild — a compact bag with an elegant name BRIALDI CAPRI.

Among its positive features include an attractive design, high ergonomics and first-rate material from which it is sewn. But let’s go in order:

1. BRIALDI CAPRI is a bag for the busy businessman who needs to have a lot of accessories on hand. She does not look catchy, but takes style and precise lines, presenting you as a serious person. BRIALDI CAPRI can be taken to any official meeting, where it will perfectly complement your image.

2. About the ergonomics of this bag, it should be said that — despite its small dimensions — its capacity is truly surprising. It is designed to carry a twelve-inch laptop or tablet, important documents, as well as a lot of all sorts of little things. In addition, two stylish zippered pockets on the outside of the bag can hold your mobile phone or wallet.

3. And the main trump card of any BRIALDI accessory is the luxurious leather from which it is made. The professionals of this company have carried the experience of leather craftsmen through decades and now give its fruits to their customers. The Great Nappa leather used to make the BRIALDI CAPRI bag is a reliable and at the same time most pleasant-looking material that will retain its appearance for a long time.

Turning to the masters of BRIALDI, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality accessories, the possession of which has a positive effect on your entire wardrobe. Touch these things at least for a moment, and you will understand what luxury and chic are.


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