BRIALDI Carano leather shoulder bag

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On the Internet, you can stumble upon a wonderful piece of advice for those who shop in prestigious stores and boutiques: «In fashion stores, look not for a thing, but for yourself.» And, indeed, it is worth trying to compare yourself with the thing that you intend to purchase. So with the Carano bag, sewn by the hands of professionals from Brialdi, businesslike, collected people with wonderful taste will be associated.

Take a closer look and you’ll see that the minimalist design of this slim bag is the best way to highlight your good looks. Speaking of the exterior of the bag: it is made of first-class Great Nappa leather, which is used for tailoring the most prestigious and fashionable accessories. The matte leather perfectly complements the understated style of the bag, and the white stitching on the front contrasts nicely with it.

As for the ergonomics of Carano, the bag also lives up to expectations in this regard. The outer spacious pocket can safely accommodate your smartphone or small book. In turn, the main compartment, hidden under a reliable Arctic White zipper, is much more spacious. Here you can hide your tablet or laptop up to 11 inches, as well as A4 paper. If you haven’t finished reading the latest issue of GQ at home, you can comfortably take it with you wherever you go. A convenient organizer will keep your stationery in order and you will never have confusion about the location of a pen or notepad.

If you don’t want to waste time chasing fashion, you can always opt for something reliable and proven, like a Carano bag. It is discreet and minimalistic, but this does not make it any less stylish and of high quality than its contemporaries. Carano is the choice of the serious business person.


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