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The image of a successful person is made up of many details. No business man will leave the house in a wrinkled suit, unpolished shoes or without a bag that not only allows him to conveniently carry all his work papers, but also emphasizes the impeccable style of its owner in the best possible way. The BRIALDI Fontana business bag is the best solution for men who want to demonstrate their elegance and refined taste in a discreet and effective way. Made entirely of genuine leather, it will be the perfect complement to the business image of a successful person. Its silhouette is made in a modern style, which allows its owner to go beyond the usual classics, emphasize their individuality and declare their high status.

But the creators of this bag took care not only about its design. They thought of every detail to make this accessory as convenient and practical as possible. It opens at an L-shaped angle, which allows full access to the inside of the bag. Its dimensions allow you to place A4 documents in it without any problems, as well as laptops and tablets with a screen diagonal of no more than 13.3 «. This important advantage can be appreciated by every business man, for whom it is fundamentally important to find the optimal combination of style and functionality in every detail of his image.

The Fontana bag has another interesting feature — it is able to adapt to its owner, becoming as comfortable as possible for him. This is made possible thanks to the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap made of genuine leather. If a man prefers to carry a bag not on his shoulder, but in his hand, he can unfasten the belt and use the comfortable leather handle, which, by the way, has additional internal reinforcement.

The craftsmen who worked to create this important business accessory put a lot of their handiwork into the bag. This makes each model unique, perfect and capable of emphasizing the high status of its owner.


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