BRIALDI Gaeta leather shoulder bag

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«Genius in simplicity» — this is the thesis used by the masters of design from Brialdi when they created the Brialdi Gaeta bag, excellent in its minimalism. Simple, but not ordinary, this bag is designed to bring style and comfort to your life, such necessary things for a progressive person in our time. Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful accessory.

The Gaeta bag is an easy-to-use tablet with a wide L-shaped opening in the main compartment. Capacious vertical pockets are located on both sides of the tablet, in the main compartment there are compartments for all sorts of little things. Also in the bag there is a secret pocket where you can hide especially valuable things.

The material from which the Gaeta bag is sewn leaves no doubt about its highest quality. Genuine Great Nappa embossed leather will protect the product from mechanical and weather factors and will last for many years. Moreover, this type of leather does not require special care on the part of the owner, acquiring a vintage matte sheen over time. The Arctic White metal zipper complements the overall ensemble nicely.

Lightness and mobility are the main advantages of the Brialdi Gaeta bag. Compact, it is designed to travel light, you can carry your tablet (iPad) or laptop (up to 10 inches) in it, it also has a lot of space for other little things that, without a bag, are forced to load your pockets. And the shoulder strap made of leather will lie comfortably on the shoulder without causing discomfort.

So what do we end up with? Stylish and practical accessory for a modern person. Don’t overburden yourself — take the reliability and quality of the Gaeta Brialdi bag with you.


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