BRIALDI Garland leather shoulder bag

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The pulse of life quickens. It is now more important than ever for entrepreneurial people to be mobile, ready at any moment to take advantage of the opportunity. However, we must not forget about the image — everything should work for you. It is for purposeful people who highly value practicality and comfort, and who are not alien to the words style and fashion, the craftsmen from Brialdi created the Garland bag. Garland successfully combines all of the above.

Before us is a comfortable and roomy bag made of high quality Great Nappa genuine leather. This grade will reliably protect your bag from all kinds of mechanical and natural damage. The adjustable fabric shoulder strap is specially designed to fit the wearer’s shoulder snugly and comfortably. Contrasting stitching accentuates the exquisite texture of the leather, while a large, color-matched metal zipper adds the finishing touch to the overall ensemble.

Designers from Brialdi have achieved the optimal ratio between the size of the bag and its capacity. Despite the compact dimensions, inside the accessory is a large and roomy compartment, which perfectly fits a tablet or netbook up to 12 inches. There is also a large number of compartments for small things and a secret pocket for documents. Each handle and rivet is additionally reinforced from the inside to last longer for the benefit of its owner.

In addition to the above, I would like to add that the Garland bag from the initial stages, which include the choice of leather, to the final finish, is made by true professionals in their craft. The high quality of materials and the equally high professionalism of Brialdi craftsmen is the key to the reliability and longevity of the product.


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