BRIALDI Grado leather shoulder bag

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Another bag has appeared on the Brialdi world map. This time we are going to sunny Italy, to the ancient city of Grado, after which the bag is named. A small picturesque town, located between Venice and Trieste, has absorbed the atmosphere of the Italian province. Who else, if not a primordially Italian company, is able to display the spirit of the Apennine Peninsula?! Brialdi designers put all their skills into presenting Brialdi Grado to their fans.

Before us is a charming tablet-shaped model made of first-class material — genuine Great Nappa leather. This type of leather has a high resistance to various kinds of mechanical and weather factors, thanks to which the bag retains an attractive appearance for many years. Due to the special processing, when touching the material, you experience a pleasant sensation of relief.

The Grado bag is ideal for people who prefer to travel light. Fortunately, we live in a time when everything you need can easily fit on a gadget. Inside the bag there is one roomy compartment where you can put a tablet or laptop with a diagonal of up to 10 inches, as well as documents in A4 format. Especially for documents, a secret zippered pocket is built into the bag. On the outside there are two pockets for a smartphone and other necessary trifles. Made from premium leather and woven polyester, the adjustable shoulder strap wraps around your shoulder for a snug, comfortable fit. The Arstic White metal zipper harmonizes nicely with the rest of the bag.

All these features make Brialdi’s Grado bag the perfect choice for people looking for the perfect balance between style and practicality. A light touch of Italian flavor gives the bag its own, incomparable charm.


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