BRIALDI Kansas leather shoulder bag

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Kansas is the most central of all the states in the USA, the “breadbasket of America”, “Sunflower land” — this is how the people who inhabit this beautiful place call it. Kansas has absorbed all that America is, its spirit. It’s hard to imagine anything more American than Kansas, with its sprawling plains, its cornfields lit by the midday sun, its full-flowing rivers flowing so profusely in the spring. The designers at Brialdi have tried to capture that proverbial Midwestern spirit in their Brialdi Kansas bag.

Straightforward and strict lines, laconic design, limited functionality — Kansas definitely has its own special, unique style, which breathes with the New World. Special mention deserves the material from which the bag is made. Saddlery leather, made from cattle skins, is distinguished by its strength and reliability. Over time, the leather will age beautifully, giving the bag a delightful vintage look.

What about the functionality of this accessory? Designers from Brialdi have created a great bag for people who don’t need a lot of things, just the essentials. Inside the Kansas bag there is one large compartment where you can put A4 documents, as well as a tablet up to 11 inches. The outer pocket has space for your smartphone, wallet, documents and more. As you know, our whole life consists of little things, and sometimes the favorable outcome of this or that business depends on them.

The end result is a minimalist, neat midwestern-inspired bag, the quality of which is unquestioned, handcrafted by Kansas, Brialdi’s biggest pros. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of becoming the owner of a piece of American style.


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