BRIALDI Lucca leather shoulder bag

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Brialdi continues to discover new, previously unexplored corners of Italy with its products. This time, Brialdi designers decided to tell us about the ancient city of Lucca, which is located in the middle of the alluvial plain of the Serchio River. Translated from the local dialect, «Lukka» means «swampy», and indeed, this area is extremely rich in underground and surface waters. The small Tuscan town is home to such great composers as Giacomo Puccini and Luigi Boccherini; Joseph Brodsky himself came to this region shortly before his death. Let’s see how the masters from Brialdi managed to convey the spirit of the Italian province with their bag.

Like the city itself in northern Italy, the Lucca bag has a very modest size. The accessory is designed for those who want to unload their pockets, while not burdening themselves with a bag of large sizes. However, for such a compact-looking model, Lucca has an excellent capacity. Two internal compartments, one of which can fit your tablet up to 10 inches; the second is perfect for a phone, wallet, notepad and other necessary little things. There is also a hidden pocket where you can hide your documents. The shoulder strap made of leather will allow your bag to be held securely and comfortably on your shoulder.

How can you talk about Italy without mentioning fashion? A fashion that has already become a cult among the inhabitants of the Apennine Peninsula. Italians literally with mother’s milk absorb a sense of elegance. Lucca bag has a spectacular and stylish design, made in a minimalist manner, by true masters of their craft. The material from which the accessory is made deserves special mention: saddlery leather is an incredibly strong and reliable type of leather, which is rightfully considered one of the best of its kind.

What do we have as a result? A practical and stylish accessory that has absorbed the spirit of the Italian province, which is suitable for both a sophisticated fashionista and a person who seeks convenience in everything that surrounds him.


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