BRIALDI Matelica‎ leather shoulder bag

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“Everything flows, everything changes,” the ancient Greek sage Heraclitus once said, and he was right. Some ten or fifteen years ago, we lived quietly and had no idea what smartphones or tablets were and how cool they would affect our lives. Now we can’t imagine another thing — how to live without them? We need them for work or entertainment, communication or creativity. Especially for those people who constantly need a tablet and want to carry it securely and in style, Brialdi designers have developed the Matelica bag.

Brialdi’s Matelica bag is a high-quality genuine leather tablet folder designed specifically for tablet computers up to 11 inches in size, which will perfectly fit an Apple iPad or A4 documents. There is also a pocket on the front where you can put useful little things. The zipper of the bag is made of plastic so as not to damage your gadget, and a reliable leather strap will fit your shoulder nicely.

Let me dwell separately on the material from which the Matelica bag is made. Genuine leather of the highest level, Great Nappa grade. Natural origin, this variety has a smooth embossed surface and is pleasant to the touch. But most importantly, Great Nappa is an extremely durable and reliable type of leather. It has high water, wear and heat resistance. Over time, the skin will acquire a solid matte shade.

Brialdi is sensitive to the quality of its products, so the Matelica bag is handmade from start to finish by real craftsmen, enriched with many years of experience. Can’t imagine your life without a tablet and take it everywhere with you? The Matelica bag will become your stylish and practical assistant.


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