BRIALDI Nettuno leather shoulder bag

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Brialdi does not deviate from tradition and once again named its bag after the city. Let’s go this time together with the creators of this marvelous accessory to a small Italian town that stands off the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Nettuno is the name of a resort where the sun shines brightly, illuminating the ancient monuments of architecture, the sea is calm, and life is easy and pleasant. Every year, thousands of tourists come here to experience a small part of the holiday that forever reigns in the open spaces of Nettuno. Agree, the creators of the Brialdi Nettuno bag have chosen the most appropriate name for such a compact and extravagant bag as it is.

First of all, I would like to note that this bag is designed for those who do not take extra things with them on the road, preferring to travel light. The Nettuno bag is a slim tablet, which is great for a tablet computer up to 10 inches, as well as an iPad standard. There is a front pocket where you can put a smartphone, wallet, notepad and other small useful things.

The original appearance of the bag, replete with clear, even lines, thin and taut, will allow Nettuno to fit firmly into the wardrobe, including the informal one. The neat finishing of the bag inspires respect for the craftsmen who made it. The satin-finished metal fittings blend perfectly with the overall ensemble.

The Nettuno bag is made of one of the best grades of leather — Great Nappa, which is perfectly preserved under the influence of even the most serious mechanical and weather factors. The fabric lining with a protective Silktouch coating will protect the bag from the fate of being torn and will allow you to serve you for many years.

So what do we see? A stylish and reliable bag made by the hands of high-class craftsmen, especially for those who are ready to discard everything superfluous, concentrating only on the essentials.


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