BRIALDI Newport leather shoulder bag

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The French writer George Sand once said: “Simplicity is the most difficult thing in the world: it is the extreme limit of experience and the last effort of genius.” One cannot but agree with these wise words: it is inexpressibly difficult to create something simple, yet multifunctional and at the same time spectacular. The designers at Brialdi understand Sand’s thesis like no other, impressing us every time with their ability to combine a minimalist form with the deep content of their product. Here is a new masterpiece of Italian designers — the Newport bag.

The bag is designed to keep everything you need close at hand, wherever you go. Smartphone, notepad, keys, passport and other useful little things — you can easily place all this in this bag. On the back of the accessory is a pocket that can easily replace a wallet. One of the compartments has a secret compartment where you can hide important documents. It is also possible to slightly increase the volume of the bag, just by unfastening the rivets in one simple movement.

The bag will delight you with its minimalist design, soft and smooth lines, and a pleasant tablet shape. Connoisseurs of conservative accessories will especially appreciate this product. The zippers and rivets, which harmonize nicely with the overall look of the bag, enhance the positive perception. The leather from which the bag is made is represented by one of the highest quality varieties — Great Nappa. This grade withstands even the most severe mechanical and natural damaging factors without any problems. It is also nice that when you get old, the skin will acquire a noble matte shade.

In conclusion, I would like to add that throughout the production of the Newport bag, like any other bag from Brialdi, it was made by exceptional professionals in their craft. If you need a stylish and practical accessory for everyday use, the Newport bag is definitely the best choice.


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