BRIALDI Oxford (Oxford)

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A true professional can always be recognized from afar by their appearance: stately posture, tailored suit, polished shoes, stylish accessories. In everything there should be elegance, but not foppishness, delicacy, not pathos. This applies even to the briefcase in which you carry papers. The image of a successful businessman will be completed if your choice falls on an Oxford bag from Brialdi.

Continuing to talk about its appearance, it is impossible not to notice the material from which it is made. High-quality leather of natural origin is the best addition to the classic business style of any busy person. It not only emphasizes your taste, but also reliably protects the contents of the bag from moisture and damage.

It is also worth noting the general functionality of this portfolio. Outside, it is equipped with a deep pocket for papers and stylish soft handles. When your hands are busy with your mobile phone or tablet, the briefcase can be comfortably slung over your shoulder thanks to the detachable shoulder strap.

Let’s find out what’s inside? Inside, this masterpiece of design is as practical and reliable as it is outside. First of all, it is worth emphasizing that the walls of the main compartment, in which you can put a laptop, the latest issue of Esquire or a folder with papers, are reinforced with shock-absorbing material. It will protect the contents of the portfolio from accidental damage. In addition, there are several compartments for other documents and small things like a passport, wallet or keys. They are covered with a fabric lining with a protective coating that will keep your things from scratches and scuffs.

So who is this portfolio for? Anyone who wants to look decent against the background of their colleagues. For those who want to always be organized and have everything they need at hand. And, of course, for those who know a lot about prestigious handmade accessories. That is, just for you.


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