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It is not often that you meet a businessman who is open to new trends in the field of fashion. Often such people simply clog up in a conservative classical style and in no case deviate from it. It’s time to change this trend! By purchasing a Paterson bag from Brialdi, you will start to infect others with the right example of combining official style and fashion accessories.

Let’s give this bag a little more attention. It is impossible not to note its main qualities:

— Ergonomics, which has nothing to do with bulkiness;

— High-quality material (of course, leather);

— Robust metal details contrasting with soft lining and handles

— The presence of a sufficient number of pockets;

— Handmade by the best craftsmen.

After a more detailed acquaintance with the Paterson bag, one can only wonder how convenient it is as an accessory. Outside, it is equipped with several zippered pockets — a real manna from heaven for businessmen who have nowhere to put their charger, mouse, smartphone, notepad, cigarette case and a lot more. Do not shove everything in your pockets! Also, the bag can be carried both over the shoulder, if there is a heavy laptop in it, and on the crook of the arm, since there was nothing there except for a fresh newspaper and a phone.

I wonder what’s inside. And inside, everything is about the same as outside, that is, elegant, high-quality and stylish. In addition to a laptop up to 14 inches or a tablet, a lot of other necessary things will fit in there. Thanks to the handy stationery organizer, you will never get confused about where you put your pen. She will always be waiting for you inside, at hand to write down someone’s number or mail.

What do we end up with? The golden mean of fashion trends and business restraint, the utmost quality of material and details, high capacity and easy to carry. Is this not a good choice for a busy person?


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