BRIALDI Positano leather shoulder bag

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Brialdi designers have prepared a pleasant surprise for true connoisseurs of minimalism. Named after a small Italian town nestled on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Positano bag successfully combines simplicity and compact form with seasoned Italian style. Let’s take a closer look at it.

A real man needs to have at hand only the most necessary, without unnecessary «husk». This is exactly what the Brialdi bag was created for. The developers of the accessory managed to maximize its potential by creating a very large capacity for such modest dimensions that Positano has. The inner pocket of the bag is perfect for a tablet or netbook with a diagonal of up to 10 inches, as well as for A4 papers. The outer compartment, which closes with an Arctic White metal zip, can easily hold your passport, wallet, notepad, keys and more.

Brialdi’s Positano bag is handcrafted from top quality Great Nappa leather. This variety not only has the highest resistance to various natural and mechanical factors, but is also pleasant to the touch, and when aged, it will acquire a vintage matte shade. It is also convenient that great Nappa does not require special care. The fabric lining with a protective Silktouch coating will protect the bag from damage from the inside for a long time.

It is amazing how Brialdi designers manage to please connoisseurs of quality bags over and over again, combining great style with excellent functionality and reliability in their products. We can say with confidence that the Positano bag will not disappoint even the most sophisticated buyer and will serve him faithfully for many years.


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