BRIALDI Providence‎ Leather Shoulder Bag (Providence)

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The name of the bag comes from the name of a small city in the northeastern United States of America. This is a romantic city of magnificent parks and great writers (Howard Lovecraft and Cormac McCarthy were born and worked here), so the associations with this bag can be called truly pleasant. The Providence bag, impeccably hand-tailored by Brialdi craftsmen, is the spirit of the cozy state of Rhode Island and its friendly people.

Providence boasts a modest yet elegant design, high quality workmanship and practical construction. But first things first. First, let’s pay attention to the appearance of the bag. This accessory is ideal for the image of a city dweller. Quality textured leather contrasts with Arctic White metallic zippers for a visually pleasing combination, while a simple design won’t draw too much attention.

Speaking about the quality of Providence, it must be remembered that Brialdi has extremely high requirements for its accessories. Not every company in the world could provide products that would match them. Looking at a Providence bag, you can’t help but notice the professionalism of the stitching or how securely all the details are fixed, and this inspires unshakable confidence that this thing is worthy of the money paid for it.

Often, modern fashionable bags can only please with their appearance. In terms of spaciousness, compactness and mobility, there are serious complaints about them. But this is absolutely not the case with Providence. The main compartment of this bag holds a 10-inch tablet and all the necessary A4 papers, while its pockets are designed for smaller things: phone, keys, purse and more.

The lucky owner of a Providence bag will feel very comfortable being in the atmosphere of a noisy and busy city. The best companion for business meetings and performances is simply not to be found.


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