BRIALDI Somo (Somo)

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You will definitely love Brialdi’s wonderful Somo convertible bag if you nod your head when reading at least one of the points below.

You need a Somo bag if you:

a) Often bring home a lot more things in the form of documents and papers than you took away.

b) Crazy about quality leather and durable metal parts.

c) A fan of ergonomics, restrained style and interesting design solutions.

d) Own a laptop up to 15 inches in diagonal.

Somo by Brialdi is a practical solution for a business person who loves comfort and quality accessories. Let’s find out more?

The main asset of this model is its ability to accommodate objects of relatively large sizes with its modest dimensions. The thing is that the main compartment of this bag can be deployed if necessary to accommodate additional luggage. In this case, it can fit not only a folder with papers and some little things, but also a whole MacBook, for example.

A special pride of Brialdi is the material from which accessories are sewn by hand. This is the highest quality leather, touching which, you no longer want to take your hands off. Her unique patterns enchant with their beauty. All details of the bag are made with proper professionalism, because Brialdi supplies its products to people who are experienced in quality things.

Speaking about the other advantages of this bag, you should notice a lot of external and internal pockets that serve to store a variety of items: from office supplies and a smartphone to a family photo in a frame. The pockets close with either a zipper or magnetic studs, which go so well with the overall style of this bag.

So why Somo by Brialdi? At least because it is much more practical than any bag like it. In addition to this, her appearance will emphasize the strengths of your image, declaring you as a successful and reliable person.


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