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Let’s try to draw the image of a modern business person. This is a person who, by virtue of his profession, cannot but look at least good. Ideally, this is a stylish, self-confident, elegant, but not flashy dressed person who knows how fashion and business style are combined. But finishing this look without a respectable bag is like painting a picture without paint. In this case, Brialdi is a whole palette of colors, and the Toledo bag is the brightest of them.

Minimalistic, very light, formal and informal at the same time, the Toledo bag is the best friend of a businessman. The very fact that this bag is hand-sewn by masters of their craft, causes an unbridled desire to run their hands over it and never let go. Genuine leather is an excellent material for an accessory of this quality.

Outside there is only one zipped pocket, but designed for a range of stationery. It is impossible not to note the originality of fastening both the main handles and the hidden carabiners for the shoulder strap. The bag justifies the name of minimalistic, because even the fasteners are not visible from its front. The main compartment closes securely with hidden magnets. Such a business bag would be a match even for James Bond.

Let’s open the veil of secrecy and find out what’s inside? The finely lined main compartment holds your laptop or tablet up to 13 inches. All the contents of the bag are securely protected not only by high-quality leather on the outside, but also by the Silktouch coating inside. You can trust this accessory with your expensive electronic assistants and important documentation.

Take a look at Toledo as a whole, what makes it qualitatively different from other bags?

Lightweight and minimalistic

· Ergonomics

Combination of business and informal style

・Easy to carry

This bag will accompany you wherever you go: to a business meeting, to a friend’s birthday or on a business trip. Toledo is a truly worthy choice for a real businessman.


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