BRIALDI Trieste leather shoulder bag

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What is the fundamental difference between a men’s bag and a women’s bag? A man tries to fit only the necessary minimum into a bag, and a woman, in turn, tries to fit the maximum. The Trieste bag is just right for those who take only the necessary things with them and do not want to burden themselves with unnecessary cargo every day. Brialdi always takes care of even the most sophisticated wishes of its audience.

The Trieste bag, although a men’s accessory, is also distinguished by elegance and unobtrusive style, solidity and clarity of form. This is a real business partner, and doing business with him is a pleasure. The bag is made of saddle leather, a fine material used to make only the best accessories. It is pleasantly combined with the sheen of metal zippers and fasteners, which creates a special contrast of colors.

Access to all pockets and compartments of the bag is not difficult due to the convenient location and simple design of the latter. The main flap closes with briefcase zippers with straps, and all pockets are equipped with secure zippers. The bag can be carried over the shoulder with the help of a shoulder strap, but it is even more convenient to take it like a purse with a special handle.

As already mentioned, Brialdi professionals took care not only of the appearance, but also of the practicality of the bag. Its main compartment allows you to carry a gadget up to 7 inches. It can be a small tablet or one of the newer smartphones that are getting bigger every day. Pockets on the front and back of the bag will hold a notebook, documents, car keys and a wallet — a set of a real man, nothing more. What any man will especially like is that in such a compact bag it is simply impossible to make a mess and lose anything.

If you’re willing to settle for the bare essentials and enjoy sophisticated shapes along with the comfort and practicality of an accessory, the Trieste bag is the perfect choice.


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