BRIALDI Vallejo leather shoulder bag

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For art lovers, the name of the bag is likely to lead to the name of a fairly well-known artist, Boris Vallejo. The Peruvian Vallejo is famous for its ancient fantasy scenes, often reminiscent of the paintings of William Blake, one of the most prominent figures of the Enlightenment. The Brialdi company tried to embody in its offspring everything positive that is associated with the name of Vallejo and art in general.

Lovers of symmetry will also like the Vallejo bag. The flap that hides the main compartment has identical zipped pockets at equal distances from each other, and the flap itself is divided by an elegant line exactly in the middle. Metal zippers and studs give the Vallejo a more urban and businesslike look, while a convenient non-removable shoulder strap adds to its portability.

The important point is that the Vallejo bag is hand-sewn and meets all Brialdi’s stringent standards, established more than a dozen years ago. For years, carefully selected Brialdi craftsmen have been trained in leather crafting to delight their customers with such prestigious and elegant accessories. Also, high-quality Canyon leather is a good addition to the overall exterior of the bag.

Democratic and compact Vallejo is able not only to create an impression, but also to justify it. This small bag is quite roomy for its size. It can easily accommodate all the necessary documents, a tablet or even a small laptop. The abundance of pockets that the bag is equipped with allows you to always carry a variety of little things with you, such as keys, cards and business cards.

A business person in everyday life simply needs such an accessory. Modest, but not too inconspicuous, small, but roomy enough. The Vallejo bag is a work of art that Vallejo himself would appreciate.


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