BRIALDI Varazze (Varazze)

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An elegant leather item can become a wonderful chord in the style of any man. This chord will be the more successful, the higher the quality of the finish and details of the leather accessory, as well as the more relevant it will be today. A Varazze business bag can become such an accessory. Made by the masters of Brialdi, it enchants with a combination of intelligence, style and spaciousness.

World-famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren says that the basic principle of the perfect silhouette is simple cut, great tailoring and fine material. This statement applies exactly to the Varazze bag, which will complement any wardrobe with the consistency of its shape and the quality of the leather from which it is sewn. Separately, it is worth emphasizing that Brialdi’s craftsmen, who have been inheriting Florentine traditions for decades, use only the highest quality genuine leather for their products.

The soft Varazze bag is always convenient to take with you without fear that it will be bulky. The next item in the column of advantages of this bag will be the most comfortable soft handles, holding which, you will not feel a bit of discomfort. A wide zippered pocket is attached to the back wall of the bag, which further increases its functionality. An interesting feature of the bag is the «petals» sewn on the sides, thanks to which you can open and close the bag with maximum convenience.

If you are interested in this bag from the outside, you need to find out how it will please us from the inside. Its spacious main compartment with quality fabric lining is a great place to carry your laptop up to 15 inches diagonally. There’s also a separate pocket for your tablet and a couple of pockets for personal items like a notebook or stationery.

In general, Brialdi does not get tired of delighting customers with the magnificent products of its craftsmen. The Varazze bag is no exception, it only confirms this elegant rule. This is not just a leather accessory for your wardrobe, it is quality and reliability, proven by decades of painstaking work.


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