Business bag BRIALDI Mestre (Mestre)

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A modern successful man pays attention to the smallest details in his image — from shoes to a bag with which he goes to work and back home every day, which he takes to business meetings and on small business trips. The bag in men’s fashion has always been the main accessory (after watches). It is not very convenient to carry a bag with business papers in one hand, a laptop in the other, and a purse with personal documents and small change thrown over one’s shoulder. Make sure you have a comfortable and solid business bag that elegantly holds everything you need.

Business bag BRIALDI Mestre — a worthy creation of the Italian leather workshop BRIALDI — is an excellent alternative to a classic briefcase. Unlike the traditionally rigid briefcases of the past, today’s everyday business bags have softer shapes. This bag combines a clean, minimalist design with modern finishes and deep pockets tucked under leather piping. Comfortable handles and a detachable strap make it very easy to carry around the city, while at the same time it is perfect for the office. In my opinion, just perfect for a modern city man.

If we consider the internal structure of the bag in more detail, we will see that it is also organized very conveniently and competently. Spacious zippered main compartment fits a laptop or tablet up to 12 inches. The place for the laptop is finished with soft laying on a sticky tape.

In addition, folders with important documents, books, a notepad, various electronic gadgets fit freely — in general, everything that is so necessary to keep at hand in modern life for a business person. It turns out just a personal mobile office.

Well, I note that a great bonus is the lining made of durable, cleanable Silktouch fabric, which makes cleaning the bag easy and affordable.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that the bag is comfortable, roomy and thoughtful. It is this bag in our «crazy, crazy world» that allows you to remain mobile and stylish at the same time.


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