City bag BRIALDI Midland (Midland)

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It is difficult to argue with the fact that fashion is cyclical. Things that were popular a few decades ago are back in trend, and they again take place on the shelves. This can be said about clothes and shoes, as well as about accessories. Of course, the masters of Brialdi, with their many years of experience, are familiar with the latest fashion trends and resurrect the general interest in things that were in great demand more than half a century ago. One of these things is the elegant Mildland bag, which combines light nostalgia for the beginning of the last century and reliable modern practicality.

Let’s start with the fact that Brialdi has not yet sewn such a thing, having bought it, customers regretted the purchase. Professionalism proven by many years of experience, the best designers and first-class materials allow us to call the employees of this company truly masters of the leather craft. The Midland bag is a clear confirmation of this: genuine Great Nappa leather, resistant to adversity, stylish details and stitching, high practicality and spaciousness.

A person walking with such a bag will definitely impress others. You won’t look old-fashioned like you’ve found an old grandpa’s bag. On the contrary, your image will be quite modern, but only with a slight aroma of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

But back to practicality. Inside, the Midland bag has the necessary volume for all the things of an avid traveler. Under the nylon zipper you will find a roomy main compartment. Here you can also find a separate pocket for your most important documents. The bag mechanism and reinforced bottom will save even a heavily overloaded bag from deformation on the road.

Having a Midland bag on hand, you can safely buy plane or train tickets, because with it your trip promises to be much more pleasant and comfortable.


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