Classic briefcase BRIALDI Asti (Asti)

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“A beautiful skin comes from a combination of clarity, simplicity and functionality,” says world-famous usability expert Jakob Nielsen. Indeed, flashy colors or baroque details are not needed to create a beautiful design. Following these ideas, Brialdi designers captured the beauty of the classic Asti briefcase in its simplicity and practicality.

Asti is a solid portfolio for a real businessman, for his important documents and valuable personal belongings. It is made in a discreet classic style that has never ceased to be appropriate for business meetings and business trips. Mobile enough to move around the city and roomy enough for a short trip. Asti is a true business partner.

The spectacular look of the briefcase is primarily given by the leather that was used for tailoring. Asti is sewn from single pieces of leather, which makes its surface smooth and seamless. High-quality, wear-resistant, textured Great Nappa leather allows you to fully enjoy the prestige and importance of the acquired accessory.

If outside Asti pleasantly surprises with organic forms and modest classical style, then inside we have a thoughtful and capacious interior. Under the main flap, which closes with a metal clasp, is the main compartment, divided into several compartments. Here you can put all the necessary documents, fit a tablet or netbook with a diagonal of up to 13 inches, as well as conveniently arrange stationery. The capacity of the briefcase is also increased by a wide outer pocket for a notepad or purse.

There is nothing better to maintain the representativeness and seriousness of your own image than the Asti portfolio. With this accessory at hand, the road to success will seem much easier.


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