Classic briefcase BRIALDI Bari (Bari)

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It is impossible to live in Italy without daily being inspired by its views and beauties. So the masters of Brialdi draw their enthusiasm from every point of this beautiful country. For example, Bari is a small city and also an important port in southern Italy, which has kindly shared its name with the new brainchild of the Brialdi brand.

The Bari portfolio is a business partner, friend, comrade and assistant all rolled into one. It captivates with its efficiency and restraint, as well as its elegant design and high practicality. Seeing such an accessory in a store window, no businessman could imagine how he still did business without it. With such a portfolio, the road to an important interview or meeting will seem like a summer walk in the park, because Bari inspires confidence in its owner.

What gives this portfolio such qualities? First of all, of course, the material from which it is made. Masters from Brialdi have never skimped on high-quality leather, not only to please their customers with its unique texture and pleasant color, but also to make their bags and briefcases as durable and resistant to any adversity as possible. Bari is no exception, it will serve its owner for a very long time. The briefcase also receives a share of its noble look from brushed nickel metal parts, which contrast stylishly with the overall color scheme of the accessory.

The overall functionality of Bari is no less remarkable than its elegant and businesslike appearance. The capacity of this briefcase does not end with the spacious main compartment, capable of holding an electronic assistant up to 13 inches and A4 paper. The abundance of pockets and compartments, both outside and inside the accessory, significantly increase its ergonomics. Everything from a pen and a business card to a passport and a tablet will be securely stored in compartments lined with high-quality fabric lining with a Silktouch protective coating.

Thanks to the impeccable work of Brialdi craftsmen, the name of Bari is associated not only with the Italian port, but also with a functional business briefcase, hand-sewn by professionals in their field.


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