Classic briefcase BRIALDI Bergamo (Bergamo)

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Over the many years of its existence, Brialdi has never failed its audience. When ordering accessories from this company, customers have always received only the best bags, briefcases and clutches. Brialdi products have always met and even exceeded customer expectations. The same can be expected from the classic Bergamo portfolio, professionally sewn by experienced craftsmen.

Outwardly, this is a classic business briefcase, but in fact it is also a fashionable leather accessory that will impress anyone who sees it. Its slightly rounded lines, matte leather sheen and elegant handles give it a touch of retro style. And given that Bergamo is hand-sewn, it is impossible not to be surprised by the impeccability of stitches and fastening details.

Almost any expensive portfolio can boast of the high quality of the material, but in this regard, Brialdi products are the undisputed leader. Genuine leather from whole hides creates a unique image of the Bergamo briefcase, and thanks to its durability, all contents will remain protected from external damage. The anatomical handle and shoulder strap are also crafted from this luxurious leather.

Spaciousness is one of the main strengths of this portfolio, because Brialdi accessories are not just stylish trinkets, but reliable and practical things. In the main compartment with many compartments, you can easily carry document folders, a 13″ laptop or tablet, as well as a lot of little things, for which there are separate pockets outside and inside. For example, on the front side there is a wide pocket with a business unit, where Pens, pencils and other stationery are very conveniently arranged.

The seductive design, great capacity and supreme mobility of the Bergamo briefcase are the main reasons to immediately replenish your wardrobe with it, because a top-class accessory is what the modern man needs.


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