Classic briefcase BRIALDI Imperia (Empire)

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Wealthy people do not always strive to surround themselves with luxury. A modest business style is enough for many, which, for example, has a classic briefcase with the spectacular name Imperia from the Italian brand Brialdi. Imperia is a perfect example of a real accessory for a business person: personable, discreet, elegant and practical.

The lion’s share of the impression of this portfolio is, of course, its appearance. Delicate shapes, sparkling details, matt sheen leather and a small but very important Brialdi lettering on the front of the flap make the Imperia a very special accessory.

The Imperia is also not to be missed because it is made from flawless Great Nappa leather. This type of leather undergoes additional processing, which gives it a truly noble look. In addition, Great Nappa is an extremely reliable leather, it is resistant to heat and moisture, and does not lose its gloss after long use. The handle and shoulder strap are made of the same material, which will ensure comfortable carrying of the briefcase.

The main asset of Imperia is its functionality, which any other accessory can envy. The main compartment, intelligently divided into several compartments, freely fits an electronic assistant up to 13 inches in diagonal, a variety of papers and documents. Smaller special pockets are designed for stationery and valuables, whether it be keys or a smartphone. Even if the portfolio is heavily overloaded, there is no doubt about its reliability, because every detail of it is firmly fixed.

In order to look solid, it is not necessary to radiate pathos and pomposity, for this you just need to equip your wardrobe with such things as the Imperia briefcase — noble, stylish and elegant.


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