Classic briefcase BRIALDI Monopoli (Monopoli)

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For the third century now, a portfolio has been one of the indispensable attributes of a successful business person. France is rightfully considered its homeland, where in the 19th century, namely in 1827, a master for the manufacture of bags, a native Frenchman Govillo, equipped a leather bag with a strong frame. Then, after waiting for the skin to dry and stretch, the master discovered a completely innovative accessory — a flat bag. Soon, business people liked the novelty: after all, it was possible to carry papers in it without fear that they would be wrinkled. Subsequently, this invention was called the «briefcase» (from the French porte — «to carry» and feuilles — «sheets of paper»). Today, however, it can carry not only papers, but also many other useful things. Keeping with the established tradition of making briefcases and bringing its own unique spirit, Brialdi has created the classic Monopoli briefcase.

This accessory is perfect for self-confident business people who prefer a strict conservative style. Smooth smooth lines, simple yet elegant design, together with ease of use create a perfect harmony between form and content. The Monopoli briefcase will give any man an impressive presence.

Inside there are very roomy compartments in the amount of two pieces, separated by a pocket, which, in turn, has additional walls that give rigidity. The briefcase can easily fit A4 documents, a laptop or tablet up to 13 inches. Also in Monopoli there is a smaller compartment where you can put a smartphone, notebook, wallet, keys and other necessary little things.

The Monopoli briefcase is made of first-class genuine Great Nappa leather, which has the highest thermal, water and wear resistance. The surface of the skin is smooth and embossed, it is pleasant to look at and feel. Finishing is restrained, but elegant, and this gives the briefcase more respectability.

Summing up, we can say that regardless of what century is outside the window, be it the 19th or the 21st, the portfolio was, is and will be significant for business people. Monopoli by Brialdi is a stylish and practical accessory for real men that will not lose its relevance.


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