Classic briefcase BRIALDI Prato (Prato)

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30 kilometers northwest of Florence, at the foot of Mount Reitana, on the Bisecio River, there is a not that big, but not so small city called Prato. This ancient city will appeal to any connoisseur of Renaissance architecture. The main attraction of Prato is the Cathedral of St. Stefano, decorated with frescoes by the most prominent master of Italian painting, the Florentine Filippo Lippi. However, Prato is not only famous for its architecture — it is also the largest commercial and entrepreneurial center of Tuscany. Without a doubt, Brialdi wanted to introduce us to the business spirit of this city with their classic Prato portfolio.

Prato is ideal for serious men who prefer complete order — not only in the head, but also in personal things. Strict design, respectable appearance — the briefcase will perfectly fit into the owner’s business wardrobe, attracting the approving glances of colleagues and subordinates.

The accessory perfectly meets the requirements of a modern busy society, containing everything you need. Inside there is enough space for a tablet or netbook up to 11.6 inches, A4 documents, a compartment for a smartphone, wallet, passport, notepad and other necessary little things, as well as a secret pocket for important documents. There are three pockets outside the briefcase (one on the back, two on the front), which is especially convenient if you need to get something on the go.

Finally, I would like to add that Prato by Brialdi is handmade by real craftsmen from the highest quality materials. High design taste and ease of use, supported by the reliability and durability of the product, make the Prato briefcase an excellent choice for a business man.


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