Classic briefcase BRIALDI Tivoli (Tivoli)

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Years pass, an era replaces an era, old governments leave, new ones come in its place, time is water, and nothing lasts forever. Her Majesty Fashion is especially windy: there is nothing more fickle than this person, and keeping track of her is not an easy task. However, there are certain things that are not subject to trends, always being, as they say, “in trend”. One of these things is the classic briefcase, which was, is and will be indispensable for a business person. Perhaps the only change that has happened to the briefcase over the years is the appearance of a laptop and tablet compartment. It is safe to say that thanks to companies such as Brialdi, this accessory will last for many more years. Let’s look at a very original portfolio from an Italian company — Brialdi Tivoli.

The Tivoli portfolio has a very effective non-trivial appearance: standing out from the general line, it still retains the features of a classic business portfolio. Rounded shapes, a small flap that covers the top two-thirds of the briefcase — everything goes together perfectly, creating a very positive design.

Did you know that among businessmen there is one unspoken rule: “The thinner the portfolio, the higher the position occupied by its owner”? Tivoli has a very compact size, combining minimalist form with high functionality.

What about capacity? Inside the briefcase there are two compartments, one of which is perfect for a netbook or tablet up to 13″ inches, the other compartment will perfectly fit A4 documents. Between the compartments there is a pocket specially reinforced to store a passport and a driver’s license. Also The briefcase has pockets where you can put your smartphone, notepad, wallet, keys, etc. There are zippered pockets on the outside, very comfortable and spacious.

Thus, Brialdi’s Tivoli briefcase has everything you need to win the heart of even the most demanding man, being the best option, combining style and practicality that few competitors can match.


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