Classic briefcase BRIALDI Vasto (Vasto)

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Nowadays, a personable appearance is extremely important for a business person. There are many accessories that can help you achieve this. Many businessmen prefer to use diplomats or tablet bags, but the briefcase has been and remains a sign of conservatism and respectability. This accessory enjoys authority even in the highest circles, having confidently passed through time right up to the present day. Brialdi has released the classic Vasto briefcase, whose solid, solid design will appeal to serious business people.

The Vasto briefcase, very roomy with a large number of compartments, is designed specifically for those who, on duty, have to carry a considerable amount of papers and documents. Inside the accessory there are two large compartments, which are separated by a reinforced pocket, designed specifically for documents that require especially careful handling. The compartment can easily fit a netbook or tablet up to 13.3 inches, as well as A4 paper. The abundance of pockets will allow you to place a wallet, notebook, smartphone, passport, driver’s license and many, many other necessary little things in the briefcase.

The material from which Vasto is made is represented by high-quality genuine Great Nappa leather, which is highly resistant to various kinds of mechanical and natural damaging factors. The natural beauty of the skin is pleasing to the eye, a pleasant embossed surface is felt to the touch. The briefcase is equipped with a comfortable anatomical handle and a leather shoulder strap. A fabric lining with a protective Silktouch coating will protect your accessory from unwanted damage.

In conclusion, I would like to add that Brialdi employees put all their skill and soul into each of their products, which elevates the quality of their products to the highest level. Brialdi’s Vasto briefcase is a high-quality, reliable and stylish attribute for a serious business man.


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