Convenient women’s bag BRIALDI Valencia (Valencia)

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For a woman, a bag is an absolutely indispensable thing. Different types of bags accompany women throughout their life path: from business to fashionable, from tiny to roomy, from plain to multi-colored. Also, a bag can tell a lot about the character, tastes and disposition of its owner. That is why Valencia is a wonderful choice for a woman, because she will present her mistress only in the most favorable light.

By its nature, Valencia is universal — it can be complemented with absolutely any style, which makes it an indispensable element of almost any wardrobe. Regardless of fashion trends and circumstances, Valencia will look organic with both a business and a formal image.

The leather from which Valencia is sewn is its main asset. Brialdi craftsmen have carefully selected one of the best natural materials to create such an elegant accessory. Impeccable stitching and quality leather, along with comfortable handles and a shoulder strap, make carrying this bag a real pleasure.

Very often, a women’s bag is jokingly compared to a black hole that can endlessly absorb objects. Valencia will dispel this myth: its main compartment and pockets for small items are able to store all the contents in perfect order. A laptop up to 13 inches, the necessary documents, books and magazines, as well as stationery, a mobile phone, a cosmetic bag and everything that pleases the owner of this bag can easily fit here.

Valencia is a worthy thing for a no less worthy woman. Its elegant and stylish look is able to attract even the most sophisticated and skeptical looks, and outstanding practicality and mobility are the necessary qualities of any accessory for a modern woman.


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